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yansazonov 30-01-20 12:36

I'm playing the Steam version and at the moment where Lara is sliding down the ropes after the ambush up high (episode after forest and helicopter crash).

The problem is I can't attach to the rope after second fall (press B). The game forces you to drop and the distance is too big-there's no way to make it smaller or wait until Lara slides enough to make a jump.There's a slow-motion moment and after Lara falls. I dunno what to do.

charmedangelin 03-02-20 02:02

Is there a point to doing the hard mode in this game?

Costel 03-02-20 03:06

[QUOTE=charmedangelin;8170130]Is there a point to doing the hard mode in this game?[/QUOTE]

If you are looking for challenge and to struggle a bit with the enemies no it is not.

Samz 03-02-20 09:04

[QUOTE=charmedangelin;8170130]Is there a point to doing the hard mode in this game?[/QUOTE]

Not really.

The AI Just gets pin-point accurate, they're still dumb as hell and just pop-up down from the exact same spot making shoot them in the face easy.

I did most of my playthrough on Hard on an attempt to not get bored to death, had to turn it down because the boss QTE's are incredibly difficult on Hard, so no, this isn't like a classic shooter/Ghost in the shell on the PS2 where enemies are changed around to make things harder, it's just a tweaking of some numbers that doesn't mean much.

So yeah the only challlenge is doing the QTE's once you shoot the bosses in the face because you pretty much have only a second to press the button on PC at least.

Outside of that, it was basically just Normal mode but you spend longer time behind cover.

Kapu 09-02-20 17:30

[QUOTE=charmedangelin;8170130]Is there a point to doing the hard mode in this game?[/QUOTE]

I replay on hard these days. Just makes the enemies harder to kill. First time I played on hard I died [I]a lot[/I], but in a good way. :vlol: It was like going back to my first playthrough when I struggled with the combat a bit. It was fun. If you feel like you've masted the combat, playing on hard will (briefly) bring you back to feeling like a newbie.

Plazma 03-03-20 00:35

The YAMATAI Patch supposedly disables the camera shake from this game which gives me a headache and makes it unplayable. There are some other cool options in the hack but camera shake is the one I'm interested in. However, every link I've seen via google search is either broken or the file is corrupt. Anyone know of a good link or still has this file?

ozzman 07-03-20 04:13

finally getting around to playing this on PC, i got a new PC and it looks absolutely amazing, and runs so smooth, i'm surprised my laptop can handle tressfx too,

MelikeLara 08-03-20 21:29

Just had my umpteenth play through on XB1x and I really enjoyed it! It's been at least a year since I last played, and I noticed quite a few glitches on this console, didn't get any before so I don't know what happened there, but I finished it and I might have to play Rise next

TRExpertgamer 24-03-20 05:04

Himiko is absolutely the Queen of weather effect climates!! :D And her own storms is her own gun to be shooting at. Now the way I picture this concept in my head is that, I believe that Himiko knows Samantha very well like she certainly really doesn't have any weather climate power effect to give to her at all. That's why Mathias insisted to create all of that unnecessary drama.

redfox45 24-03-20 12:45

I really love the original Lara face in this compared to the DE botox Lara.

That sweet round baby face with that
"boy am I tired of falling over" look on it. It's so perfect for this game.:D

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