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New Dwight 20-02-17 19:53

The Mist: Resurrection


Present Day:
“You’ve come far in the art of black magic, Vivi! At this rate, you’ll be a sage in no time.” Deniece said.
“Yeah, of course.” Vivi replied.
“Black magic is all about knowing the properties of things. Their weaknesses and strengths. Which magic works best against what type of target--.” Deniece paused.
“What’s wrong?” Deniece asked.
There’s something…something that I’ve been neglecting; running away from, for a very long time.” Vivi mumbled and thought to himself.
“(?) How did I remember that…?”
“Vivi, let me tell you about the creatures on that island. The creatures that spawn from that mist are fearsome beasts, strong, and most of them have built an immunity against bullets. You remember that, right? So, it’s critical you maintain that composure; especially if you plan on going there alone.” Deniece said.
“…!? What’s that’s supposed to mean…?!”
“I’m just sayin, you’ve tended to cling onto us last time. You always were working backstage”. Deniece reminded.
“Oh, would you look at that! It’s a note from mother Penny. And it reads…” Deniece pulled out a note and began reading.
“Vivi, should you ever master the art of black magic, I would grant you the innate power of… was… offer…ma……sum…..eidol…” The words have faded out.
“Can’t read that last part, the words fade away. …Well it looks like Penny expected a lot more outta you after all! Guess you better master that magic and find out what you prize is!” Deniece suggested, walking away.

The Prologue takes time after the events of EMR (2 years ago prior to the present time). Vivi was on an expedition on the mountain of Makalu. It’s been covered in a sinister cloud; a mysterious force lies there.
“A sinister cloud? Could it be…?” Vivi thought to himself and headed for Makalu.
There is an old myth, people believe a new path will appear on Makalu for those who have fulfilled their fate. Perhaps something is changing now upon the mountain, Vivi is curious to see what has happened…

Island, Mahikea:

Geologically one of the youngest inhabited territories on Earth, Mahikea Island, located in the mid-Pacific Ocean, was, for most of its history, one of the most isolated. Its inhabitants have endured famines, epidemics of disease and cannibalism, civil war, slave raids and have seen their population crash on more than one occasion. The ensuing cultural legacy has brought the island notoriety out of proportion to the number of its inhabitants.
When the Mist began to appear, civilization began to decline...

The Mist:

Evil, Mysterious, a substance and a byproduct of a refining process; one that is not produce, but discharged. Discharged through the roots of the Iifa Tree and sent across the island of Mahikea. In books, a creature said to be the one who breathes the mists: Soul cage, controls the growth of the roots of the Iifa Tree and the main purpose of the mist. Soul cage’s role in the mist is to contaminate the island of Mahikea and simulate the fighting instinct. (ex. Mist monsters) This, as a result leads to war among the nations and every living thing. The mist does affect the mind, body and soul of those contaminated with it.
History of the mists shows that its first time of appearance was only a fraction of the island contaminated with the mist. This was because of the growth of the roots between the Iifa Tree and this section of the island. But as Soul cage mentions it uses this to simulate the fighting instincts that leads to war among the nations, must have planned this accordingly, knowing that the leaders of these nations would turn on each other and start a war. So in this case it seems that Soulcage is indeed in control of how and where the roots of the tree grow. But it hasn’t been confirmed…
After, what seemed to be a revelation of the mist for good, Soul cage was defeated and destroyed. And as promised no more mist will flow. Though, the roots of the Iifa tree still linger around the island of Mahikea. But remember, Soul cage’s main role with the mist and its intentions, its control over how the roots grow and travel must have been in its sole control and when it was destroyed, what was the tree to do with the growth of its roots?

The Crystal:

The crystal, somewhere in the Iifa Tree, is the source of all life there. Hence the tree’s given name: Tree of Life. Had to have played a significant role in this act. A humanoid, something, must have been birthed from the crystal to reform itself into an abstract of Soul cage, thus carrying on its evil plots. Again, simulating the fighting instinct, but not just for the nations but the whole world.
During the events of Terra, and opening passage from Terra to Mahikea, this opened the doors of doom as their paths where to never cross. Meaning, Terra was to never be opened between Mahikea, never entered. Because this seal has been broken, this “humanoid” inside the Iifa Tree saw an opportunity to completely cover the island of Mahikea with the evil mist.
Theories point to the fact that Kuja had a giant role in this little act as well, but facts also show that this “humanoid” inside the tree of life was the sole perpetrator. With the ability to take control over how the roots grow, the roots grew… and grew… and traveled until nearly every inch of the island had a root from the tree on it; thus allowing the mist to be sent to the whole island. While the passage to Terra was opened, the roots and mist continued to grow, travel and increase significantly until the whole island of Mahikea was completely blanketed with the mist.
The worst part about the roots; they don’t go anywhere. As soon as they grow deep into the soil ground, they cannot be removed. Not even if the Iifa Tree were to be destroyed.
Now, the roots themselves are completely harmless, they basically act as a gateway for the mist to travel through them. That’s all, but the mist is coming from the tree itself. But remember it is not produce.
Another good revelation comes to the island of Mahikea sometime later. The Memoria was created. The Memoria, an abstract of one’s memories coming into one.
The Memoria was only birthed by those who interacted with the Iifa tree. This could be as simple as going inside the tree. That person now has a memory of the tree. Everything after that, natural disasters of that person’s memory, tragedies that person or even people have gone through are reenacted as an abstract inside the Memoria.
Though this is not the only purpose of the Memoria. It is a passage to the crystal. Also known as: The Crystal World. Here one would be led to the crystal and maybe even the humanoid responsible for the resurrection of the mist after its first disappearance.
Its name is Necron and it believes in nothing but war. Life and Death. As long as there is life and death, the crystal and the mist has served its purpose. The Crystal gives life; the mist offers death. (That of war)
The mist would never quit, it returned a third time to the island of Mahikea! No evidence is given on how it, or if it ever was removed a second time, but it is certain that it returned a third time. This in the more modern times…
During this period, the humanoid remains, it was outraged and knew it would never die, because as long as the crystal remains, there would be life for it, and the mist isn’t going anywhere. Another substance could be used to refine it into the mist making process. Such as fog.
A new substance was absorbed into the Iifa Tree and was processed to create more of the evil substance: mist with the same affect: to simulate the fighting instinct leading to war.
Now, the humanoid was to take it to the extreme: cover the entire world with the evil substance named: MIST.
MIST standing for this:
M= Make
I= Instinct
S= Send
T= Transmit
How does the mist travel again? Through the roots of the Iifa Tree. That was its plan, grow, grow, grow. The roots of the tree all over the world, so that the mist can travel and contaminate.
This thus, once again, completely covered the island of Mahikea. This time, to the extreme. The island was so heavily covered, you couldn’t see anything there, not even the ground…
Extremely dangerous and outrageously tough Mist monsters reigned across the island from every single corner. Anyone caught on that island during the time either alone, or lack of experience in battle would find themselves dead within seconds. If not by a mist monster, through the mist. Remember and never forget, the mist does affect the mind, body and soul.
The process to covering the whole world with the evil substance, mist was slow, but the humanoid was determined to do so, so it tried every single method to speed up the process, because once the mist covers the whole world, doomsday was upon humanity. War, no comparison to a world war would be birthed and a horror of scenarios would turn up.
Coming to the present day and after discovering the humanoid responsible was none other than: Necron itself, resurrected by someone with similar intentions to Kuja, named Sara. It has not been confirmed if the mist has disappeared for good. As there are reports from numerous expeditions about reporting sighting of the mist still lingering across the world.
Sara, had some twisted intentions of her own…
Summon the spirit of the dreaded Kuja to aid in her decisive actions.
Is the spirit of Kuja still alive?
This is the mystery of it all.
What does it take to get rid of such a substance that was designed to do nothing but cause destruction and war?


"In the library, late afternoon, doing some research about the history of Island Mahikea, and trying to find the truth as to how the Mist and Iifa Tree really collaborate... how the Iifa Tree could re-produce the mist after the very first time Deniece and her allies destroyed the mist. Hmm, if Sara was really possessed by Necron, and through some unknown process, Necron could resurrect itself into another life form… *sigh* the pieces of this tale are just scattered all over the place. It really doesn't seem to fit all together. Hmm... None of these books provide much real info about the source. Except maybe... what's this...? It’s an old fairy tale book titled, Tales from the Crypt... interesting. Let's see here... Chapter 1..."

The Legend of Eidolons”:

“We discovered Eidolons by researching legends documented from around the world. The Thunder God, Ramuh, is one of those legends. Some theorize that the Eidolons were created from the legends and not the other way around.”
“The first Eidolon Discovered: Shiva.”
“Shiva took the form of a young girl when she was first discovered. She now appears as a grown woman. Eidolons adapt their forms to the time and culture in which they appear. Shiva illustrates this theory. In certain areas, Shiva is depicted as a snow fairy. This cannot be verified, since the only written document that remains is in the summoner village. People associate Shiva with the snow fairy. Why she changes forms remains a mystery.”
“When the arrogant one summoned a power that could not be controlled, holy judgement was passed. The jewel of this village must serve as a reminder of the day we had to leave our country.”
“I survived the storm. I wonder if you two are okay? I see the two of you smile every time I close my eyes. I imagine I see you when I open my eyes. I have a mortal wound. I won’t be able to wait for you very long. I regret being so unemotional for all these years. I’m writing down everything here in the hope that you’ll read it someday. To my dearest wife, Penny, although we fought many times and I may not have shown my affection enough, I love you very much. To my beloved daughter, Jennifer, my life changed when you were born. You made me happy. These are things I want you to know.
“We repeated the mistake of our ancestors made 500 years ago. We failed an attempted summon at the foot of the Iifa. The area surrounding the tree was unaffected, but we sealed the area as they would have done 500 years ago.”
“Vivi, my lovely child. Until you turn 16 and have your own Eidolon to your control, stay in this village. Then build strong friendships with others. I wish for your happiness from far away.”
“Vivi, you are a treasure born to a dying village. We are dying and there is little we can do for you. We shall return to the stars with one wish in mind. If legends are not born of Eidolons and Eidolons but born out of legends, let us leave this place with one wish: If we can give birth to a legend, it shall create an Eidolon that is a friend and protector of humans.”
“This information is yet to be confirmed, but there was an eyewitness account of a previously-undiscovered Eidolon. It was witnessed in Esto Gaza. If there is an Eidolon that can exist outside of our legends, our theory would no longer hold true. But maybe there are other tribes that have legends of their own.”

“This story sounds so familiar to what we, or should I say… “they” achieved two years ago, it tells of events that appear as myths of the reader’s abstract mind, but also proves true logic about the mist on that island. It’s a mystery left undiscovered; it’s still unclear how this mist can reform itself when its source of production has been eliminated. Maybe the source hasn’t truly been destroyed. There’s something else to this, I need answers. I’ve got to visit that island. Of course, monsters spawning from the mist there have built an immunity against bullets. But she has high hopes in me. I just don’t believe I could learn the art of summoning as well as mother Penny has. She was a prodigy in that field.”

It just so happens, Penelo crosses paths with island, after Raithwall's tomb, but no way, no how is she interested as to what's happening there.

The story was inspired by Final Fantasy IX, its backstory links to parts of it, but the original concept is completely different.
The story was modified to be more identical to Final Fantasy IX’s story for TRLE only.


klona 20-02-17 20:19

Looks great! :)

tombcroft3 20-02-17 20:48

love the box opening feature I'm guessing that will make appearances in other future games :o

Titak 20-02-17 21:17

Welcome back, New Dwight! :wve:

There's quite a lot of stuff I haven't seen yet. :tmb:
I like the screens with the large plants in them. I'm a bit of a sucker for large plants...

I've closed the Arch Raider thread.

TombRaiderTim 21-02-17 19:21

Seeing those light beams and effects makes me want to play King Arthur Project again, it's where I have seem them before and it looked amazing. :D

DJ Full 21-02-17 20:03

How do you resurrect a mist? And how do you kill it in the first place?

MrJavi94 21-02-17 21:35

Very good-looking project! :tmb: I'm looking forward to knowing of any new upcoming news! :)

New Dwight 21-02-17 21:49


Originally Posted by DJ Full (Post 7715098)
How do you resurrect a mist? And how do you kill it in the first place?

"The Mist, a substance and a byproduct of a refining process; one that is not produce, but discharged. Discharged through the roots of the Iifa Tree and sent across the island of Mahikea."

The Iifa Tree's role with the mist, simulating the fighting instinct.
A substance cannot be killed, but its source can be destroyed.

Heckler 26-02-17 08:32

Looks Great!

Alex Fly 26-02-17 11:28

It looks simply astounding ! :)

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