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LuRen 10-06-18 09:46

Where are the classic tomb raiders in the app store and google play store?
Can someone tell me why Square Enix deleted TR 1 and 2 from the app store and google play store?


GOL was removed too!

WWETombRaider 10-06-18 12:49

I know TR3 got pulled from development, so maybe the others got pulled due to some issues about licensing.

charmedangelin 11-06-18 07:46

Honestly, this is why I'm no longer paying for apps on the app store. I can't beleive that they're gone. Especially since I paid for them.


In the play store if you go to view order you can get to the games from your order list and download from there. Strange that they aren't listed in the search results anymore.

LuRen 11-06-18 14:59

That could be it. I will try and do more research on it. Thank You! :))

LuRen 11-06-18 15:01

I paid for Tomb Raider 2 just before it happened. Thats good to know that you can still 'find them'. Thanks!

annl 15-06-18 09:39

Why have they been removed? I know the controls were bad but that can’t be the reason.

Has Realtech VR requested they be removed? They didn’t want anything to do with Square anymore.

...Unless Square have their own plans?

Can anyone confirm they haven’t been updated in New Zealand? I live in the UK but apparently it is still available in New Zealand.

TombHackR 16-06-18 11:14

I tried downloading them the other day and couldn't find them. Luckily, I went on iOS purchase history and managed to download it through that :)

Dustie 17-06-18 21:34

I read a few people say they have gone indeed. Obviously if someone had bought them earlier they can still download them to their device through their store accounts, but it looks like they aren't being sold anymore.

This is an interesting development indeed. Seems like they re-evaluated the apps after the TR3 port fiasco and decided to pull them completely... maybe they will try developing their own ports, I think someone shared the TR3 source code (which also happens to contain the TR2 code) with Square and they also had a copy of the TR1 code in their archives, so they might try putting that to good use.
Or not, since they're trying to distance themselves from the old games?...

tlr online 17-06-18 21:43

I'm also looking into this. Very interesting indeed.

charmedangelin 19-06-18 01:19

Could it be a licensing issue with Realtech? Perhaps they were so angry and upset with how badly Square Enix treated them that Realtech demanded that they remove the games from the store?

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