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ReginaLusus 08-05-22 20:04

Hello, I'm sort of new!
Hello, all.

I am ReginaLusus.

I just joined a few days ago and I only found this thread, so I thought I'd post. :)

Been playing Tomb Raider since I was four or five (literally, on the Sega Saturn firstly back in 2004/5). It's one of my all-time favourite video game franchises ever, and Lara Croft has been an idol for me ever since I began playing almost two decades ago.

I joined this site to connect with other fans, ask for help on running the games as best as they can and, excitedly, to share my outfit mods for the games here too!

I hope I find some good Pen Pals on here and that my creations will be enjoyed by you all!

Heartache 11-05-22 10:48

welcooooooome :)

hope you have fun here :)

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