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Adrenaline 23-12-19 01:27

Von Croy’s notebook
Hi guys!
I’m trying to find HD images of all the contents from Werner’s Notebook but I can’t seem to find them at all online? Does anyone have them? And can you please send them to me or link them? I’m trying to create a fan project and I need these pages. Xo

annacroft 23-12-19 20:20

The wonderful Ash has lots of amazing HD screenshots and tons of info on all the AOD stuff on his website. If you scroll through there's a lot of HD screenshots of the drawings found in the notebook.

Link: https://www.tomb-of-ash.com/tomb-rai...l-of-darkness/

I also found this old thread in which a few screenshots of the notebook were posted: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=222331

Hope that helped somewhat :)

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