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Athukraz 10-05-18 11:16


Originally Posted by WolfRaider (Post 7878508)
Lost interests kind of fast after the whole level system was added.

Same. Didn't play much after that

TheLostSecret 11-05-18 14:07

Yes ... sigh . :(

mikros 14-05-18 15:20

I played it on PC using Bluestacks, but then I updated to Bluestacks 2 after the program's insistence and I was appalled at the apparent amount of bloatware the new emulator had. I dropped it altogether and never turned back.

It was a pity cause I had fun with the game. I was lucky I had maxed everything before the infamous update so at least I was able to put a fight and max again. I imagine the game was ridiculously frustrating for those starting after the patch.

Killing oneself was fun, and that's a huge factor in a good Tomb Raider game.


dcw123 14-05-18 15:36

Was so excited for the Tibet stage and then they added the big update and levels etc..

The biggest con they did was to speed the game up after running a certain distance or killing a boss.. it even pitched up Lara's SFX.
Later desert stages became impossible to react to because of this.
It also used to be impossible to play certain stages.

I remember a few times in Sahara, whenever Lara fall through the floor onto the sand collapse slope - sometimes the level section didn't load, and Lara got stuck there not moving..
Especially annoying when your after a certain amount of clues - meaning either wasting relics to save clues or restarting over!!

Shame coz I love the game - and LC Go.. the only part of Classic Lara which is still fairly modern

LAUFan 15-05-18 07:40

I don't have a smartphone so I've never been able to access this game, but I've always wanted to play it because it looks really fun

ANoDE 15-05-18 16:55

I restarted the game recently. It's really hard if you don't want to spend real money. Those gems take ages to grind in reasonable amounts.

It's still kinda fun though, although re-playing the same level over and over again after collecting a better part of the required clues is kinda frustrating.

Pyro99 07-06-18 21:34

Haha yeah I still do, it's one of the few games on my phone that doesnt require an internet connection and its a lot of fun when you have time to kill, besides how could i say no to Lara? and i still have levels to finish and achievements to get lol

AlexyLC 07-06-18 22:46

I installed it then deleted it then installed it and deleted it again...
After a few days I got bored of it but I get bored of almost everything so :o

New Dwight 07-06-18 22:57

Relic Run, the perfect money gimmick and excuse to bring classic Lara back in the most boring way.

andre_costa 24-07-18 00:02

So, I decided to pick up this game again and when I connected the game to Facebook (to restore my game progress) it failed. I tried a couple times and it doesn't seem to work... Is anyone else having the same problem?

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