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RedField2012 01-03-21 08:30

Lara Croft: Between Two Worlds
Welcome to my fan made Modern Timeline where I want to share my dark story about Lara Croft in her upcoming journey.
This story will become a Trilogy soon enough and will be set in TV Spots of each episodes with the description of the plot to understand more what is happening within my story.
You are now entered to the thread of Between Two Worlds season which is the continuing of Lara's journey that will be connected between Parallel World and Real World with twin Laras fighting different powerful enemies for the last time.

To enter to the 1st season - click here https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=220258
To enter to the 2nd season - click here https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=223982

This is a 3rd season of my Tomb Raider series called Between Two Worlds which shows my version of Lara Croft and her upcoming journey. The story continues the Ragnarok event right after the 2nd season ended. In 2011 Lara Croft made a deal with her twin Lara de Mornay to stop trying to kill each other long enough to kill Jacqueline Natla. But the things got pretty lucky for Lara because Nergal who was summoned by Natla betrayed her. Burning her wings Natla became a human but she managed to send him back to his realm to prevent the Ragnarok event itself. Nergal didn't want to return alone so he took Lara Croft with him. Before all that Lara also was possessed by the ancient egyptian god of chaos called Seth who was kicked of her body thanks to Natla's spell. Now in searching for a new host Seth will find Zip who will become a replacement after Lara. And now the fight will go between two worlds where one Lara will face Nergal and another Lara will face Seth. Lara Croft will find out that her father Richard Croft is still alive. Atlas de Mornay along with his niece will be looking for a way to save another niece. Chase Carver, Alister Fletcher and Alvis Akari will team up to help and also Odin will appear to look for his son Thor who might be dead after the battle in Norway. This will be the last journey for Lara Croft and her twin and it will probably split their fates forever.

Main Characters are:




RedField2012 02-03-21 09:46

Next wallpaper to the upcoming 3rd season of Tomb Raider series featuring twins Lara Croft and Lara de Mornay


MBog 02-03-21 13:55

where can we watch the first 2 seasons ? :)

RedField2012 02-03-21 14:37


Originally Posted by MBog (Post 8282895)
where can we watch the first 2 seasons ? :)

Hello there)

Either here in the last page you can watch the 1st season down below or in the head page at the start if you scroll down https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...220258&page=18

As for the 2nd season from this page down below https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...223982&page=11


RedField2012 05-03-21 09:15


RedField2012 12-03-21 11:06

This is a 1st poster to the upcoming 3rd season of Tomb Raider series


RedField2012 13-03-21 08:01

What's a God?

RedField2012 20-03-21 08:01


RedField2012 25-03-21 08:06

Lara's Father

RedField2012 30-03-21 14:03

This poster is related to the Egyptian God - Seth


HecticBartoli 02-04-21 15:09

Amazing fanart. :D

RedField2012 02-04-21 15:33


Originally Posted by HecticBartoli (Post 8290477)
Amazing fanart. :D

Thank you ;)

RedField2012 05-04-21 09:02

Preview Teaser Trailer

P.S. Teaser Trailer will arrive in May...

RedField2012 07-04-21 15:00

Another poster related to Seth in the upcoming 3rd season of Tomb Raider series


RedField2012 16-04-21 09:09


RedField2012 25-04-21 09:06

Lara's Uncle

RedField2012 01-05-21 09:06

Teaser Trailer

RedField2012 13-05-21 09:01

Lara and Odin

RedField2012 14-05-21 11:13

This is a new wallpaper to the upcoming 3rd season of Tomb Raider series featuring twins Lara de Mornay and Lara Croft


RedField2012 19-05-21 09:00

This is a new poster to the upcoming 3rd season of Tomb Raider series related to Nergal - the demon who lurks in the Parallel World


RedField2012 20-05-21 09:02


RedField2012 25-05-21 09:01

Lara's Sister

RedField2012 05-06-21 09:01

Preview Characters Trailer

P.S. Characters Trailer will arrive in July...

RedField2012 10-06-21 09:21

This is a family tree that includes people Lara knows, trusts & hates. Find out who are they & when you do, you can comment below. I'll reveal them when the time comes...

RedField2012 15-06-21 09:11

Mankind Must End

RedField2012 20-06-21 09:00

Characters Trailer is coming in July for the upcoming 3rd season of Tomb Raider series...

RedField2012 25-06-21 09:00

Odin The Asgardian God

RedField2012 01-07-21 09:12

This is a full family tree characters to the 3rd season of the upcoming Tomb Raider series
Some of them Lara trusts & some of them hates
Characters are:


- Lara Croft / de Mornay
- Atlas de Mornay
- Odin
- Richard Croft
- Zip / Seth
- Chase Carver
- Alister Fletcher
- Ardeth Bay

Characters Trailer

RedField2012 10-07-21 09:03

Lara and Seth

RedField2012 21-07-21 09:04


RedField2012 22-07-21 16:28

My new wallpaper for the upcoming 3rd season of Tomb Raider series featuring Lara de Mornay in Cairo

RedField2012 25-07-21 09:04

Seth The Egyptian God

RedField2012 28-07-21 09:10

My another new wallpaper for the upcoming 3rd season of Tomb Raider series featuring Lara Croft in Destroyed London

RedField2012 01-08-21 15:00

Time for the soundtrack of the 3rd season has come

Lara's Lullaby

RedField2012 02-08-21 15:00

World of Gods and Monsters

RedField2012 03-08-21 15:00

Parallel World

RedField2012 04-08-21 15:00

Meeting Richard

RedField2012 05-08-21 09:01

Preview Trailer

P.S. Trailer will arrive in September...

RedField2012 05-08-21 15:02

The Journey Ends

RedField2012 06-08-21 15:10

Seth the God of Chaos

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