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adamtombraider 16-02-21 16:00

This music is so wonderful
Cannot believe that this piece of music only appears twice in the game in Caves where the wolves run up the steps and then again in St Francis Folly in the temple where the gorilla's appear what were your reactions when you first heard this music it only appears in the PS1 version.


Lara_Fan1 16-02-21 19:54

It appears a few times in the game, the moments you've mentioned but also when the T-Rex first appears and at the ending when fighting the torso boss.

Blackmoor 16-02-21 23:28

I like it but it isn't one of my favourites out of the TR1 tunes. It is extremely effective though, as before I'd played the game 20,000 times, it always put me on edge. Those wolves!

I mean it's panic in a tune form. But still very melodic and appropriate to the overall soundtrack.

The very first time I played TR1, I don't think I really noticed background music that played during fights because it was so hectic, me being new to it.

But on subsequent playthroughs, it became very noticeable how extremely beautiful and evocative all of the soundtrack is.

Lightning in a bottle almost.

Greatest TR 17-02-21 13:10

Well, you know what they say, less music is used, the more appreciate as it gets.

Tomb Raider games just aren't like how it used to be, you know the ****ty version of crystal dynamics. Totally dog **** especially the music.

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