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picaccino 28-07-20 18:36

'Revisit location' for Beneath the Ashes / Lara's Shadow DLCs
I've finished Beneath the Ashes DLC for Underworld, but i've missed 3 treasures and relic and i want to revisit this location again to collect them all.
But i can't find a way how to play Treasure hunt for this DLC.

Is there is a way to get it instead of play it again step-by-step with walkthroughs??

I've tried Treasure hunt button when i finished BtA but it loads me to last position in main game.. and there is no way..

Any advice? Help? Whatever?
Thankyou all for any help

picaccino 04-08-20 11:34

I found the way, not directly thru Revisit location, but little different:

When you finish BtA level with missing treasure/relic, just start new game via Downloadable content > Start Mission > BtA.
After the new game starts, check PDA, you'll see all collected treasures from previous play. Just play this level again and check just for those missing ones.


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