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TheIndra 15-11-21 21:27


I want to introduce a project I have been working on for a year now, TRAE-Menu-Hook (not to be confused with Anniversary Edition).

TRAE-Menu-Hookis a dll/asi to be injected into Tomb Raider: Anniversary to provide extra features ingame such as menu to quickly switch levels but also tools for mods like loading objects.

  • Load files outside bigfile without restarting the game (including levels and objects)
  • Spawn and manage instances
  • Free camera
  • Restored level debug including seeing of Event variables
  • See level markup (legdges, ladders)
  • See enemy navigation
  • Disable death fade/respawn
  • Disable cinematic bars
  • Slow motion
  • Skew/flight cheat
  • Switch player outfit
  • Switch levels
  • Show instances including health, animation and more
  • Play animations
  • Wireframe view
  • See collision mesh
  • See portals
  • See signals/triggers
  • Skip intros/copyright screen
  • Partly restored Legend binoculars

Downloads can be found on the Releases page together with the source code on GitHub. Unzip the files in your game folder and add the binkw32.dll and you are ready to go. Steam, GOG.COM and other same retail builds are supported.


F2 Toggle skew/flight cheat
F3 Pause the game
Shift + F3 Cycle Slow motion
F4 Toggle free camera
F5 Disable player control (useful while in free camera)
F7 Hide the menu
F8 Toggle menu focus (allows you to interact with the menu)
F9 Quickly switch between player outfits
F11 Instant ragdoll death
Insert/Ins Toggle hud

Flight controls depend on QWERTY/AZERTY keyboard layout (Q/A or Z/W)


Messing around with instances


Level debug restored


lara.drm and a custom level loaded without repacking bigfile
(WOTV lara model by Raq/LuckyEdge10)


Other games

TRAE-Menu-Hook repository also includes TR7-Menu-Hook and TR8-Menu-Hook for Legend and Underworld though those are not the main games I focus on and thus less supported for some versions/less features.

LuckyEdge10 15-11-21 21:28

ok cool and all but when tr7 hook for Steam

tlr online 15-11-21 22:06

Thank you for posting TheIndra.

Woops 15-11-21 22:14

Awesome work

LuckyEdge10 15-11-21 22:15

doesnt work???

EDIT: I arrived at part with Lara in bikini she has to save Anaya in Ghana and hook no longer work

HenryCST 15-11-21 22:20

doesnt work guess ill stick to texmod

ATombRaiderFan 16-11-21 06:33

Hey TheIndra, great to see a thread for menu hook on this forum, and thank you for creating an alternative way of using mods for Anniversary!

Ameliorator 16-11-21 07:11

This is really cool to see, thanks for sharing what you've been working on with us :tmb:

UroshUchiha 16-11-21 07:43

Haven't had a chance to play with this yet, but it looks like a fun tool. Thanks a lot for sharing!

TheIndra 05-12-21 21:45

Thanks for all kind comments


Working on visualization of signals, I guess you can kinda call them triggers.



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