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Gh0stBlade 04-01-20 16:23


Emscripten (web version) back up and running, has to be updated a little bit and some bugs need fixing in the emulator for that code branch.


ReH_ 04-01-20 23:19

This looks nice! Congrats :)

Gh0stBlade 19-02-20 14:44

We now have Lara running around levels on the PSXPC_N version after tons of effort over the past few months.


Though there are collision issues, we hope to resolve these soon!


Nicklander 21-02-20 20:32

Yuuuge progress

Gh0stBlade 25-02-20 12:43


Footage of the latest build :)

DunHill 25-02-20 12:52

The project seem to be doing very well !
That's awesome work from you guys, congrats :tmb:

Gh0stBlade 25-03-20 14:23

A look at the new D3D9 emulator port :)



New Dwight 25-03-20 14:51


Originally Posted by Gh0stBlade (Post 8180669)
A look at the new D3D9 emulator port :)



Why does it still look old/pixelated PSX?

Gh0stBlade 25-03-20 15:12


Originally Posted by New Dwight (Post 8180671)
Why does it still look old/pixelated PSX?

Probably just a texture filtering issue. This is a really early port, not refined yet :)


Gh0stBlade 10-05-20 20:00

Project Update:

Hey it has been a while since we updated this thread. I'd like to introduce some new enhancements to the project made over the past months.

Hair and Demo Mode:
Video of hair and demo mode in action!

Pause Menu:

Pause menu has now been reverse engineered from retail code :)

HLE Render Optimisations:
Xproger has made some fantastic optimisations to the renderer of the emulator meaning it's much more optimal and faster then ever!

Mesh drawing bug fixes:
Xproger fixed a critical bug in mesh rendering which resulted in meshes being drawn with incorrect UVs sometimes.

Catsuit Lara:

As seen in the image, Lara no longer looks green but shiny with the new LARA4 drawing code.

Don't Forget

Visit: Github/TOMB5
Latest binaries can be obtained from: here


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