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LGG_PRODUCTION 31-07-18 09:01

Why are you testing weapons? They already work flawlessly :)

Piega 31-07-18 09:48

Nice! :) But in general everingthing looks slower?

disapearing-boy 31-07-18 10:52

It looks like the MeshSwap for the guns happens too early when drawing pistols - you can tell by how Lara is holding them. Also when putting the guns away - the Meshswap occurs late. I'm sure those are just minor tweaks. :D

But nice to see progress!

MontyTRC 31-07-18 12:00

Yes, I've already partially solved :)

New Dwight 31-07-18 12:12


Originally Posted by MontyTRC (Post 7939530)
Yes, I've already partially solved :)

when will this be fully completed, released?

LGG_PRODUCTION 31-07-18 13:39

We have to wait much time, but I'm sure this will be a great project :)

-Roli- 31-07-18 20:02

Keep up the amazing work! :hug:

MontyTRC 31-07-18 20:13

Fixed mesh swaps and guns drawing. Added gunflashes :)

disapearing-boy 31-07-18 21:32

You work fast. Great work!:D

LGG_PRODUCTION 31-07-18 21:47

Wow, cool :)

Will there still be a way to use TR4-5 style inventory?

For the gunflash, in TR5 shooting enemies doesn't have it, I don't know why..

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