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Ellioft 16-06-19 09:28

I love it too :jmp:

tomee 16-06-19 09:41

Ah, this is so cool. It's bringing back so many memories. I haven't played most of this in years, thanks to being so occupied. Tried to have a TR marathon last summer and had to stop midway, but there's always a next time. :titaklikestocreate:

Thank you for sharing.

_Seth 16-06-19 09:52

That's such a cool idea, nicely done. :)

Nigel Cassidy 16-06-19 10:11

Very good :)

kathrynnn 16-06-19 10:24

I loooove this!:tmb:

Athukraz 16-06-19 11:52

This is amazing it makes me want to cry. I miss these games so much. Would love them to be remastered too

Maverin 16-06-19 12:42

Absolutely loved it!!

This is something I often do in my mind. But I never find the motivation and skill to actually put something like this together. So thank you for this.

JsotoTRSaga 16-06-19 13:01

A nostalgic trip down memory lane, this is the true Tomb Raider!

Very nice Sheepman23

Legends 16-06-19 13:02

I loved it. So cool. I miss those games. I need a remaster of the classics now.

Dennis's Mom 16-06-19 13:05

That was terrific. So many memories, most of them good!

I miss adventure.

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