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sheepman23 16-06-19 13:06

Thank you all so much! I'm just happy that it's triggering nostalgia for a lot of you - it's such a great set of games, isn't it? :D


Originally Posted by Ahmier (Post 8100736)
This was cool to watch. The sound effects of the deaths still get me haha

Oh my gosh, some of those were really fun to capture - like the Aldwych train scene or the boulders in The Hive. :vlol:


Originally Posted by Quebsenuef (Post 8100740)
Seriously , that was really well done. I love the clips you used for the video. It really shows how the games changed. Also how different the LAU universe was compared to the classics. So much more action with boring set pieces.
Classics had such fun levels! Those shined just as much as anything else back in the day!

Yep, you can definitely feel things changing the later it goes, but LAU still maintains a core gameplay that was present in the earlier ones I think. I was actually surprised by how many cool moments there were in those games - I still prefer the classics by a long shot, but have plenty of fond memories of the later titles too. :)


Originally Posted by Grimaldi (Post 8100763)
That was amazing. :tmb: Reminds me I really need to play the Gold levels for TR1-3.

Well, I'll be the first to say that they're 100% worth playing! Even if you've played a lot of custom TR levels, it's absolutely wonderful to see something using the old TR1-3 engines for the first time. Plus the design of those games is just spectacular. Would recommend. :tmb:


Originally Posted by marla_biggs (Post 8100765)
Great job. Lara crowbarring the chef was my favourite :D

Hehe, that has to be one of my favorites too. :D


Originally Posted by Chamayoo (Post 8100767)
This is very well done ! Love it.
"Little runt" :D

:vlol: I wasn't sure if that clip would be in theme for the more solemn attitude of the video, but I think it's too iconic of a line to be left out.


Originally Posted by RAID (Post 8100768)
I loved it. How nostalgic.

Someone remake the original 4 games please.


Originally Posted by Athukraz (Post 8100837)
This is amazing it makes me want to cry. I miss these games so much. Would love them to be remastered too

After doing this project, I'm also totally on board with a remaster of some of the other old games! I never used to be, but I don't see why not if they could do it with the level of quality and care put into Crash or Spyro...


Originally Posted by Maverin (Post 8100852)
Absolutely loved it!!

This is something I often do in my mind. But I never find the motivation and skill to actually put something like this together. So thank you for this.

I never used to have the motivation to do this either, but have found a lot more free time in the past year to pursue little things like this. It's so cool to do after growing up on these games and always having it "in my mind" as you point out. :)

Skill-wise... it doesn't take much, to be honest. Just a LOT of editing haha.

CroftManiac05 16-06-19 13:07

Wow that was lovely! So many memories...

Gabi 16-06-19 14:08

A trip down memory lane.
And a work of love.
Thank you for putting all the effort into it and for sharing it with us. :tmb:

Alex Fly 16-06-19 14:27

I loved this video! Great work! :hug:

NoahCrofRaider 16-06-19 14:50

That was awesome. Such a wonderful look back into the past. :tmb:

Yeauxleaux 16-06-19 17:33

I need remasters nao.

sheepman23 16-06-19 18:33


Originally Posted by Gabi (Post 8100889)
A trip down memory lane.
And a work of love.
Thank you for putting all the effort into it and for sharing it with us. :tmb:

My pleasure! :D

I figure I'll try and do some other compliation-type videos in the future... just need to figure out what exactly. This was the first thing on my list though.

tlr online 16-06-19 18:39

Amazing trip down memory lane. :tmb:

tomblover 16-06-19 18:41

Very cool! :D

You should try making a version of this where all the clips from each game flow into each other, I'd be interested in that. :cln:

trfanX34 16-06-19 20:21

Lovely :)

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