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PinkyPromise 05-03-18 16:16

They show all the tomb... Himiko aspect and more things...

if this is not a spoiler...

.:Tirivol:. 05-03-18 16:17


Originally Posted by 2001LC20 (Post 7828789)
He/she said "Big Spoilers" idk
Should i watch it ? What exactly is it showing?

The same thing you guys were discussing with Rai about "it's a spoiler, it's not a spoiler"

2001LC20 05-03-18 16:23


Originally Posted by .:Tirivol:. (Post 7828792)
The same thing you guys were discussing with Rai about "it's a spoiler, it's not a spoiler"

Oh ok then :)
Its nothing to worry really i'll watch it

Soma Holiday 05-03-18 16:29

It shows 100 percent whats in the sarcophogus which people were just complaining about as spoilers, thats why i said spoilers.

PinkyPromise 05-03-18 16:32

The sarcophagus, the aspect of Himiko and what himiko keeps in it. I think it's a GREAT spoiler hahaha

SPOOOOILER: she embraces a piece of something.

VictorXD 05-03-18 16:35

I'm going to this cool archery event happening this saturday to promote the release of the film :D I didn't expect something like this in my city tbh. There is also another gym doing a special TR themed class where they will give away 80 tickets to see the movie premiere. I'd love to go but it is at the time as uni.

Anyways I'm just so excited because I never thought I'd see things like this for TR in my city :hug:

2001LC20 05-03-18 16:35

So soory double post:(

2001LC20 05-03-18 16:44

Just kidding nothing too spoolery especially if you have watched a few of the TV spots


Extreme stupidity conditions on some of the comments!! You have been warned my dearest child :p

GeekOfComedy 05-03-18 16:50

that's old. :p It's a good promo though. They shouldn't focus on volume of TV spots but instead quality. Some of the 15 TV spots we saw were fab but others were brutal.

Aylin 05-03-18 16:51


Originally Posted by Tonyrobinson (Post 7828756)
In fairness in regards to the embargoes Warner Bros generally has a two day rule for the film reviews on the majority of their movies good and bad Wonder Woman, Fantastic Beasts, Justice League etc. If the social media reaction is good then expect it to be lifted early. :p

Yes,it's what they do. I wouldn't read too much into it. It's possible they will lift the embargo early in any case. Also, VG films are risky in terms of critical reception. A lot of people dont even take them seriously.
Are they showing those spots with the "reviews" in TV?
That would be actually a bad sign.

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