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2001LC20 09-03-18 15:04


Originally Posted by Em20 (Post 7830689)
I'm really happy, I live in France and they've never showed ads for movies coming to theaters but I just saw one for Tomb Raider, I was so excited even if it was a really short one

And, still in France, Tomb Raider is the most watched trailer of this week, with 454 359 views which is awesome compared to other trailers

Link : https://www.ladepeche.fr/article/201...ara-croft.html

Most watched on Youtube?

katver 09-03-18 15:18

On set https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlNTMZ-IDn4&app=desktop

Em20 09-03-18 15:20


Originally Posted by 2001LC20 (Post 7830724)
Most watched on Youtube?

No, on Allocine, it's the most famous movie site in France

CraigL 09-03-18 15:20

I was in Game before and the trailer was playing on the tv behind the counter. Nice to see the movie being advertised in different places.

2001LC20 09-03-18 15:24


Originally Posted by Em20 (Post 7830728)
No, on Allocine, it's the most famous movie site in France

Good! It doubles the latter too :)

**LARA LOVER** 09-03-18 15:42


Originally Posted by katver (Post 7830727)

This is very cool thanks for the link! Love seeing a look at the costumes and sets!

2001LC20 09-03-18 16:34

A new behind the scenes with Alicia :)

**LARA LOVER** 09-03-18 16:40

Thatís pretty much the old behind the scenes video revamped. A few new clips though!

Spoiler: does she say oh f**k?

JsotoTRSaga 09-03-18 17:34

Can not wait till thursday!

Evan C. 09-03-18 18:49

I am going to assist to the avant premiere down here in Argentina on monday 12th since I won tickets on my gym -_-' (I'd love to say Warner/Crystal invited me though cof cof) So I am SOOOO happy.

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