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Rai 18-01-17 16:45

Well then they wouldn't need to dye his hair; he already had Roth hair :p.

AimlessThunder 18-01-17 17:13


Originally Posted by Rai (Post 7702951)
Well then they wouldn't need to dye his hair; he already had Roth hair :p.

Yes, but Roth had a bit more grey hair :D. I am curious to see him act, I've never heard of him before this project.

Keelo 18-01-17 17:20

Let's hope for some more casting news this week.

Tonyrobinson 18-01-17 17:57

I'm not sure if he's just in make up or dying his hair. It seems that he's definitely in a make up trailer though.

Heidi_w_ 19-01-17 13:40

Looks like Roth will be an adept sniper, as in the game ;)


GeekOfComedy 19-01-17 13:44

So THAT sequence may be in the game. :jmp:

Rai 19-01-17 14:14

Perhaps this means he's done training. He's become our go-to cast member for updates :p. I hope they don't stop him posting once he starts filming properly.

PinkyPromise 19-01-17 14:22

This pic confirms that they are only training with weapons. They have not started shooting yet. We could suppose:

-Alicia, Alexander and Walter have many action scenes and have gone before to train. Daniel Wu no Cape Town yet.

Tonyrobinson 19-01-17 14:53

Daniel Wu is in Cape Town. He posted a picture of Table Mountain on his instagram recently. :)

Matie 19-01-17 14:56

Yep, he's there too, it seems :)



Originally Posted by andre_costa (Post 7702265)

OOOHHH DAMMM :jmp::jmp:

Can this mean something? Can he be really Roth? It reminds me of the scene where Roth is protecting Lara as she walks under the bridge.

I love this pic!! He looks a lot like Konstantin there:D

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