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Rai 02-03-17 17:49

All PinkyPromise has to do is re-upload the images himself, like I asked him to. Then we can get to actually talking about them rather than discussing their removal ;).

The first pic can be found on instagram.

andre_costa 02-03-17 18:51

We have to wait for him then.:p

PinkyPromise 02-03-17 20:25

Hi! Only post that Milton in his instagram pic he had a tatoo and looks similar to solarii symbol:


Heidi_w_ 06-03-17 19:34

Not major news (sorry guys), but if I read Alexandre's FB right, sounds like he's wrapped up filming. I guess we don't see his character in London (Lara probably rendezvous with him in Hong Kong).

Rai 06-03-17 21:06

That seems really quick. I know Conrad didn't have a lot to do, but still quick! I took a look on the page and I'm actually confused if that's what he means :p. I know they don't necessarily film scenes in order.

Dustie 06-03-17 22:11

Didn't they start shooting early in January? If so then 8 weeks or something is plenty...

Rai 06-03-17 22:36

Late January, I believe. But I also meant considering he's been on and off set so much :p. And also considering they're meant to be filming until May?

PinkyPromise 06-03-17 22:53


Dominic West is in Cape Town!

GeekOfComedy 06-03-17 23:00

Oh no.

Heidi_w_ 06-03-17 23:13


Originally Posted by GeekOfComedy (Post 7719288)
Oh no.

I'm hoping they have a studio in Cape Town where they can film Richard for his flashback scenes...please don't let him actually be on Yamatai...

Also, I thought they were filming until mid-June, no?

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