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SamCactus101 20-09-16 07:01


Originally Posted by SamCactus101 (Post 7651577)
It'd be cool though if Nathan provided some guidance to the TR score.

I'm so happy this sentence is now true! =D

Rai 20-09-16 09:00


Originally Posted by SamCactus101 (Post 7655036)
I'm so happy this sentence is now true! =D

This is still a rumour, not confirmed.

SamCactus101 20-09-16 09:14


Originally Posted by Rai (Post 7655116)
This is still a rumour, not confirmed.

Oh. How dare these people make it seem so :pillow:

Tonyrobinson 20-09-16 13:43

I'm praying it's true all the previous crew information on IMDB so far regarding the film has turned out to be legitimate so that's a bonus. :)

AimlessThunder 22-09-16 18:22

0:41 Feroe islands? :D

Tonyrobinson 22-09-16 21:45

That's were she shot Submergence and done recent reshoots.

FearEffect 24-09-16 19:26

I'm sure it's fake but I'm sharing it anyways. I was watching Rizzoli & Isles and then I saw a women I thought was Emma Bell, so I tried to check if it was really her and I came across this in the french wikipedia page of her.


Zebra 24-09-16 19:36

I could see them using a version of Amanda as one of Lara's university mates. Even if it's true, though, I doubt the story will actually have anything to do with LAU.

Rai 24-09-16 22:24

Hmm, not sure how they'd fit Amanda into the reboot-verse. Unless as Zebra points out, she makes an appearance as a uni friend. Which she was in the LAU-verse too, but they'd need to change her role to fit. I'm more inclined to believe this is false info.

James_Rutland 24-09-16 23:24

That's almost so strange and random that I think it MAY be true. Interesting. A small cameo as one of Lara's university friends would suffice, unless Amanda actually replaces Sam in the movie verse completely and it ends up combining Core's TR's, with CD's LAU, and CD's Reboot. That would be interesting actually, and refreshing as the new rebooted games are movie like enough that a complete adaption would be a bit predictable.

The french translation of that text next to the credit says "a college friend of Lara Croft". She was in final destination and also played Andrea's sister that died in the first season of The Walking Dead

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