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Caesum 15-06-21 19:31

FLEP Reverb Presets for PSX alike experience
Some time ago Chocolate released a new version of FLEP that practically saved the TRLE scene (I think) by fixing the false positive issues. What it also does though is it adds a new patch that adds reverb on PC. Unfortunately PSX reverb and DirectX reverb work in a completely different way and they have completely different presets, so you cannot use the default presets to get the same behavior.

Because of that I have decided to create new presets for FLEP, that mimic the way reverb works in Tomb Raider on PSX. Tomb Raider 4 uses only one preset out of five available on PSX, that is the "STUDIO B" or "STUDIO MEDIUM" preset. The only thing that seems to be changing is the strength of the preset.

My presets work in a similar fashion. I have picked one preset from DirectX defaults that sound the most similar (STONE ROOM preset) and edited it so its volume is different for each available option in TRLE/TE.
The preset was tested with Tomb Editor, but it should be compatible with TRNG as well.

How to download?
You can download presets here: https://github.com/Castigavi/FLEP_Reverb_Test/*

Also check the same page ^ for readme and troubleshooting.

I have also made a short video from one of my WIP custom levels that show what the reverb presets sound like:

Moreover, TheBlueFox has kindly ported a small test level of mine to PSX, so you can play it on PSX/PSX emulator/PSP to compare reverb. Notice that I couldn't reproduce the exact same effect, so it might differ a bit. Big thanks to TheBlueFox for the conversion, without it I wouldn't have even started works on the reverb presets!

PSX Reverb Test Level: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m3O...ew?usp=sharing

* - The link redirects to my github page with the project I used to test FLEP reverb. It is possible that in future I might do more changes to those presets. All the changes will be visible on develop branch before merging with master.

P.S. - I know this looks like a tutorial and I even thought about putting it there, BUT this stuff is still WIP, I might still be making changes to it and moreover, I would absolutely love insight from the community how can I perfect the presets. Most threads in tutorial section are closed so that would be impossible. If a mod feels like this stuff belongs somewhere else though feel free to move it. :)

If you are going to use those presets and edit them, please share your results with the community. It will be the easiest and fastest way to correct the presets in order to get them as close to PSX reverb as possible.

Woops 15-06-21 19:37

that sounds awesome! nice work

mizuno_suisei 15-06-21 19:45

I'm sorry, someone converted your TRLE level to PS1? what am I doing playing with the TR1 TR2 psx converter then :vlol: please elaborate

This is a great idea btw. Adding reverb to all non-loop sfx manually sort of worked but...it wasnt ideal.

Well done!

Caesum 17-06-21 06:38


Originally Posted by mizuno_suisei (Post 8304809)
I'm sorry, someone converted your TRLE level to PS1? what am I doing playing with the TR1 TR2 psx converter then :vlol: please elaborate

Yep, I saw Times Exclusive PS1 Release and immediately asked for help, because the work done with the Times level was absolutely amazing. If you need help with level conversion to PSX I think you should ask TheBlueFox. :D

mizuno_suisei 17-06-21 07:22

I had a total derp moment and realised I'd already seen that post myself *facepalm* :vlol:

justin 17-06-21 12:02

This is brilliant, thanks for this work!

It figures that I was always in the habbit of setting the sound-type for each room in winroom/ngle even though they did nothing on PC :vlol:

I noticed "Outside" is missing, would that have had a similar effect as "Small" with little to no echo?

Also, I always imagined "Pipe" was used for metal crawlspaces or maybe sewers, so that's interesting to find out.

Caesum 17-06-21 13:56

^ According to TR Rosetta Stone Outside type of reverb has either no reverb at all or it's extremely quiet. I have also checked the code and it seems TR only has four levels of reverb strength: 0, 0x1000, 0x1800, 0x4000 and 0x7fff. So unless I'm mistaken that would give 0 strength to the first option, so no reverb.

Caesum 04-07-21 08:53

I have updated the repository with the latest FLEP version (HERE).

I have also updated 'how to install' section so it's more clear. There are two ways now (easy for beginners and advanced for those who already know FLEP). Also it seems a lot of people have issues with crashes after patching the executable so here are some hints what to do:

  • Make sure patches.bin was not extensively modified before.
    FLEP inherits patching behaviour from TREP, which is good for simple patches but not so much for complex ones like reverb. According to Chocolate, if your game crashes it is possible that you have messed around with "advanced reverb" mode and then switched to "classic" (and vice versa). This may result in a faulty patches.bin. If that's the case, redownload patches.bin from latest FLEP version (or my repository) and try patching again.
    You can still use your own presets and apply new ones afterwards. This step is only to make sure that FLEP patches a "clean" patches.bin file.
  • Check your number formats settings in Control Panel. It seems FLEP has issues with decimal symbols (just like Leikkuri) so it may crash if your region format uses comma instead of dot for decimals (eg. 1,23 instead of 1.23).
    To fix that go to All Settings / Time & Language / Date, time & regional formatting and set 'Regional format' to English (United Kingdom).
    Alternatively you can instead go to Additional date, time & regional settings / Change date, time or number formats / Additional settings and change 'Decimal symbol' there to dot (you can also go there to check if your decimal symbol really is dot instead of comma).

Titak 04-07-21 22:43

Thread moved to "Software Development" section, on request by author. :D

TRSMART 08-02-22 20:17

I can't get it to work, is it maybe since i'm also using Plugin_AkyVMix03?

And i set the reverb statics in tomb editor itself?:confused:

Thanks love the work you did on this!

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