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Richard_trle 25-04-22 03:44

Can someone help me with a raising Static/Bridge/Floor setup
Hello there!

I'm trying to setup a raising lava in a series of 3 vertical connected rooms as shown in the following picture.


In the bottommost room there is a 13 blocks wide static that is "mocking" the said raising lava behavior. I'm using Parameters and F166 (Move static) and the results are really promising. The static is also set with Burn Lara on collision and Huge collision.


However, I found a nuisance, if I were to make the floor accompany the static I would need to use Dummy triggers (using either twoblock_platform or bridge_flat objects).

Since dummy trigger breaks room's collision if its target object is bellow the floor level, I'd also need to make several intersections and use different objects for each different floor level. On top of that I'd need to synchronize them all to move together with F167, so the player would not break through the dummy floor. This also leads to several fragmented triggers which (at least for me) is a no-go for TRLE/TRNG engine.

In summary, this is a disaster, because I tried it and it involves too much attempt/error, which makes me unsatisfied with this approach. Leading to the question. Can you guys help me with finding another approach? Is there any alternative to this one I mentioned above? Or do you think that I can leave like that and let Lara fall through the fake lava to her doom at the bottom?

Anyway, thank you for your time and for reading this!

Joey79100 25-04-22 16:16

You don't need a dummy trigger for bridges in TRNG, a normal trigger is enough.

Also, Lara reacts to bridges based on the trigger, and said object's height, nothing more, so as long as the bridge is down below she won't be affected, and when it gets near her feet she will move up.

So you can just have 1 bridge object and trigger it everywhere in the room, and move it up the same way you move the lava.

turneraider 25-04-22 20:30

ohh, this also helps me with something!! Didn't know that :o

justin 25-04-22 23:24

I'm fairly certain Joey's recommendation is best, but you can also try 2-block platforms (they are ideal for this kind of setup).

I need to remember that I can take advantage of a single bridgeflat for a wide area. I always run into this when trying to move a bridge flat, when I forget that bridges work that way :vlol:

Richard_trle 26-04-22 00:55

Omg Joey this is a life saver!!! 🤩
However I ran into some issues if I use the same trigger across the entire room.



This happens

So, should I split the trigger in sectors? Or is there any way to fix that? :hea:

justin 26-04-22 01:07

Does it make a difference if you put the actual brudge flat object on a tile that doesn't run through a column?

Richard_trle 26-04-22 01:11

It only happens with raised floors, walls collisions are preserved

If the bridge is at a level and the floor is above it, the collision defaults to the bridge.


Originally Posted by justin (Post 8353077)
Does it make a difference if you put the actual brudge flat object on a tile that doesn't run through a column?

I didn't answer your question properly and sadly, no it makes no difference 🙁

justin 26-04-22 01:56

Blast! What a frustrating issue. Can you add another room level to change the raised floors into columns?

Otherwise, maybe test a two-block just to see if the issue persists.

Richard_trle 26-04-22 03:32

I tested twoblock_platform, they require dummy trigger and only one work per sector, what a bummer.

I'm avoiding vertical portals as much as I can, I had terrible experience due to the engine limitation regarding vertical portals, ugh.

I think that bridge+trigger will do the trick, now the only part is the syncing. It will take some time, but it the best I can get :o

Thank you guys!

justin 26-04-22 11:27

Correct: while Two-blocks are far more capable than Bridge_flats, they do require dummy triggers. I was thinking of supplementing the bridges with Two-blocks in the specific spots where the Bridge_flats were failing :)

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