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PaulD 21-11-08 07:22

[new fix] TRII CD audio
I reversed a little tomb2.exe structure and fixed it to support mp3(CBR only) instead of CD audio tracks.
There are many people around who had problems with cut scenes audio playback, with background tracks playback and so on.

I hope that with this fix there should be no problems with sound playback in TRII/TRIIGold anymore.

Give it a try.
English files are also available here

How to make your own cdaudio.mp3/cdaudio.dat files.
  • grab all CD audio tracks into a single CBR cdaudio.mp3 from the original TRII CD (VBR is not supported)
  • update cdaudio.dat with timings
  • cdaudio.dat format is as follows:
    each line represents single CD Track. Example: 03 00294571 00412904 Cut2 "Opera House"
    • 2 digits for track number. Numbering is continuous (01,02,03...). In the example above the number is 03
    • 1 space
    • 8 digits for track start in milliseconds. 00294571
    • 1 space
    • 8 digits for track end in milliseconds. 00412904
    • 1 space
    • any text Cut2 "Opera House".
    • new line, except last track. I.e. it is not allowed to make new line after last track

Since Dec-2012 English version of this patch is also available under Steam :yah:

a few words about two issues discovered:
  • sometimes it seems music stopped working and you hear only sound effects. As a work around, go to menu and move sound bar down/up from 10 to 9 and back to 10.
  • in locations with low ceiling Lara can't backflip, ceiling stops her. That's original bug in English version, grab tomb2.exe from German version and replace English one.

na_th_an 21-11-08 08:53

Awesome work, dude!

EscondeR 21-11-08 09:02

Hi there, bro :wve:
We'll surely check your work and give you feedback :tmb:

SimonDG 21-11-08 09:13

Wow sounds awesome! I'll try it out as soon as I get home as I still haven't been able to fix my audio issue with this game. Hope it'll work!

tlr online 21-11-08 09:22

Thank you for your efforts. Look forward to reading the feedback. :wve:

Sharon_14 21-11-08 10:44

Thanks, I'll check it :wve:

mizuno_suisei 21-11-08 16:33

I'd love to try this, but the file is a bit too big. Would it possible to upload only the Game executable? as I already have the audio tracks which I can convert to MP3 myself ;)

PaulD 21-11-08 18:05

here is fixed tomb2.exe without prepared cdaudio.mp3/cdaudio.dat
but in this case you need to create audio\cdaudio.mp3 file by yourself and then update tracks data in text file audio\cdaudio.dat

grab all tracks to
see cdaudio.dat for reference.

then put all these tracks into one file cdaudio.mp3, then update cdaudio.dat.
cdaudio.dat contains data as follows:
01 12345678 abcdefgh text

01 - track number
1 space
12345678 - 8 digits for track start in ms
1 space
abcdefgh - 8 digits for track end in ms
1 space
any text
new line (except last track61)

SimonDG 21-11-08 18:37

Wow, it works! I finally have music and voice :)

I did notice 1 problem though: after falling in a body of water, the music and voices stop working. This is just from giving it a test run in the mansion level though, haven't tested it in an actual level yet.

EscondeR 21-11-08 19:38

Currently testing...
No bugs so far and perfect sync, I'm in Venice now :tmb:

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