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DionysiasSoada 17-10-20 16:38

Finally made an account!
Hello all! It's honestly so surreal to finally be making an account haha.

For context, I've frequented this board for a long time. I can't remember the earliest I've came to this site, but I definitely remember the speculation threads and the hype surrounding the Tomb Raider Underworld teaser trailer where doppelganger Lara detonates her manor. I believe I was in elementary school at the time lol. I think the earliest I've ever played a Tomb Raider game was Tomb Raider 2 after I finished second grade, where I used my uncle's copy of it while visiting family in Syria.

I also remember other Tomb Raider-centric sites like Stella's Tomb Raider Site, Katie's Tomb Raider Site, Tomb Raider Chronicles, and Planet Lara and how I'd visit those sites often. I even remember the contest thread Stella and Katie had on here where fans would submit fanwork for the chance to win a prize!

I've played every single Tomb Raider game besides the Reboot era (I'll get to those eventually :D ) and finished all besides Angel of Darkness (that Boaz fight on the PC was awful and I gave up :mad: ). My personal favorite entry would have to be Tomb Raider Legend; I loved Lara's characterization and it was just a really fun game to play. The music was also super memorable and I come back to the Croft Manor theme often lol. Tomb Raiders 2 and 4 were also standout titles to me; Tomb Raider 4's environments were especially cool to look at back then.

I'm also a fan of the Revisioned Tomb Raider animated series and think it deserves more love!

Tomb Raider-related aside, I like reading webcomics a lot and just caught up to Gunnerkrigg Court, which I highly recommend. I'm also a fan of the movie Persepolis (which so happens to be my profile pic). Maybe I'll make threads on those two topics at a later date ;) .

Anyway, I think that about covers it for now. Pleased to be here!

tlr online 17-10-20 17:02

Welcome aboard. :wve:

TombRager 17-10-20 17:37


PedroTheGamer 17-10-20 18:26

Welcome to TRF DionysiasSoada:D Have Great stage here:tmb:

HarleyCroft 17-10-20 20:34

Pleased to meet you :)

DionysiasSoada 17-10-20 23:41

Thanks all! :brofist:

LNSNHGTDS 18-10-20 09:49

Welcome :D

Kubsy 18-10-20 10:13

Welcome to TRF:D

Baslakor 18-10-20 11:51

Your introduction was a real walk down memory lane! Welcome!

Cat Woman 18-10-20 16:22

Welcome. :) Glad u finally made it on the forum and hope u enjoy your time here. That was also a very nice and informative introduction.

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