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Joey79100 24-03-20 19:38


Originally Posted by New Dwight (Post 8180429)
Such flip flop nowadays with threads like these.
Petition to bring back classic Lara! No, they want LAU Lara, nope reboot Lara can stay.
No LAU is better the classic wtf, I'm done.

Welcome to the world, where different people have different opinions. ;)

_Tomb_Raider 25-03-20 09:41

In fact, I became a proper fan (joined forum in 2008) mainly due to the Legend and Anniversary so LAU holds a very special place in my heart!

I would agree with majority that says LAU Lara was one of the main things that places these games ahead of Classic, and especially Reboot era ones.

JoelCaesar 25-03-20 16:03

LAU was my introduction to the TR series so it holds influence from that alone.

New Dwight 27-03-20 15:56


Originally Posted by Joey79100 (Post 8180574)
Welcome to the world, where different people have different opinions. ;)

Oh sorry, I thought I was in the World of Balance for a sec. Crack a dictionary, flip. ;)

trfan16 28-03-20 16:03

- Storytelling - The first thing that always jumps out at me when I think of the LAU games. Each game in the series has a pretty engaging storyline that keeps you interested up until the very end of the game. Legend had one of the best stories in the entire series. The game did a great job building up the Avalon storyline, but unfortunately they never properly resolved it. While I'm not a fan of how Underworld handled the Avalon storyline, I still enjoy the Norse and Helheim mythology the game covered. The only real downside is this series introduced the mother plot. :o

- Globetrotting - Another Classic featured that this era handled pretty well. Legend & Underworld in particular has Lara visiting different locations across the globe. Although I prefer the Classic approach where each location consists of 3-4 levels, I still enjoy that there was some location variety.

- Lara Croft - As others mentioned, I enjoy this version of Lara a lot. Beautiful model and Keeley Hawes did a great job voicing her. :D

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