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Olgerth Heidern 02-12-08 16:02

I survived landing on Underpus' head last night while he was still alive, started sliding, misjumped and broke Lara's neck for the 100th time.

I'm really an aweful tomb raider.

Why do they call the kraken "underpus"?

thevman 02-12-08 18:24


Originally Posted by Mr Boldman (Post 3256868)
I think The Pus, should return in the next game as an ally. With the unlockable to play as him in any of Lara's costumes. Oh god.. the images, the images.

He could slap amanda around.. :mis: :vlol:

Phlip 02-12-08 22:18

^_^ Sorry for the bad quality. XD

Rivendell 05-12-08 00:31


Kroft 05-12-08 00:32

haha wow, what is he holding? a lightsaber!! :yik::yik::yik:

Rivendell 05-12-08 01:07

Hehe, nah - it's the detonator. ;)

ThatNorskChick 05-12-08 01:17

Mwhaha Doppelpus! That's awesome, Riv. Lovely work everyone. :tmb:

Solice 05-12-08 02:11


Originally Posted by Cog (Post 2757177)
[CENTER][SIZE="3"]Underpus is made of Epic.

It would make a good hat:D

Bumio 05-12-08 03:03

baby underpus omg :hug:


Shark_Blade 05-12-08 12:29

Aww, too cute. :D Did you make that pic Bumio? It's great!

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