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underpushunter 05-12-08 12:33


Originally Posted by Rivendell (Post 3283790)

Lmao! Whahaha!! DOppelpus! :D

Suzan 05-12-08 12:58


Originally Posted by Bumio (Post 3284081)
baby underpus omg :hug:

[IMG] http://i38.************/2nb7pn8.jpg [/IMG]


Kiss-Bite 05-12-08 13:14

I love the doppelpus!:vlol:

Bumio 05-12-08 13:37


Originally Posted by Shark_Blade (Post 3284743)
Aww, too cute. :D Did you make that pic Bumio? It's great!

yeah :D thanks :)

NightWish 06-12-08 00:22


EDIT: LOL! I just saw teh Doppelpus! :vlol:

x...justme...x 15-12-08 17:12

All of these pictures are amazing!!! :D

Logie 12 =] 15-12-08 19:58

love the pictures :D

M.a.r.k 26-12-08 09:57

You made my day. :jmp:

++ OMG @ title of here

jumoeder 26-12-08 20:44


Originally Posted by M.a.r.k (Post 3338755)
You made my day. :jmp:

++ OMG @ title of here

yeah, crystal dynamics uses that name to:p they took it over from this forum

NympHadorA 26-12-08 20:54

All pics are really great! Thanks for sharing guys I saw the topic first time... ;)

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