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GoldfishGam3r 05-08-17 11:42

Tomb Raider IV - All Cutscenes and FMVs in 4K!
Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last logged in here :wve:

You might remember I've made some pretty cool compilation videos of all the cutscenes and FMVs of Tomb Raider 1, 2 and 3, in 1080p, with proper aspect ration, and all that good stuff. And the reception for those videos has been really nice!

Now I am here to announce that I gave the same awesome treatment to Tomb Raider 4! Not only that, but I decided to one up myself, and instead of 1080p, I made the video in 4K! :jmp:

Here's the link to it without further ado:

That's almost 1h of Tomb Raider goodness in crisp and beautiful 4k!

I know many people don't have 4k TVs/monitors yet, but I decided to do it this way to "future prrof" the video, so that when 4k becomes mainstream, as it will sooner or later, you can enjoy the video in its full greatness. And don't worry, even if your display is only 1080p or 720p, the video still looks gorgeous, don't worry :tmb:

I wanna give a shoutout to Stella from tombraiders.net for supporting this project, and for linking my videos on her website and walkthroughs. You're awesome :hug:

Hope you like it!

You can now download the remastered FMVs!

They are also able to be modded into the game, using Peixoto's tool, available here.

Thank you all for the support!

Alex Fly 05-08-17 16:27

Wow, great work there! :tmb:

GoldfishGam3r 05-08-17 16:49

Thx :p

Patrick star 05-08-17 21:36

Amazing :jmp:

charmedangelin 06-08-17 01:12

Wonderful, would love to have these included when playing the game. :)

GoldfishGam3r 06-08-17 10:36


Originally Posted by charmedangelin (Post 7767311)
Wonderful, would love to have these included when playing the game. :)

It might actually be possible to do that, all I'd have to do is convert the FMVs back to .bik format... Tell ya what, I'm gonna try it! :D

Alex Fly 06-08-17 15:05

^ Do it please, we need them! :jmp:

GoldfishGam3r 24-08-17 18:08

Unfortunately, even after many tries, I was unable to convert the mp4s of the upscaled FMVs back into a format readable by TR4 :(

I was successful in converting them back to .bik, but for some reason TR4 doesn't read them, even though it has the correct format, it just skips the movie as if it weren't there. My guess is the original files had some sort of meta-data that I can't replicate. :hea:

If anyone has any idea how to fix this, I'll be more than glad to have your help!

Helegad 25-08-17 00:18

Are you sure it's the correct format though?

Bink at the turn of the millennium was fundamentally the same as what it is now, but the encoding will probably be significantly different; it's been seventeen years and a gazillion updates since then. My first step to troubleshooting this would be to get an old version of Bink video from somewhere, copy it onto a Windows 98 virtual machine, and convert a video.

I had a bunch of trouble getting Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare to read FMVs I transcoded from the Dreamcast version (looks amazing, BTW). I don't know how I got around to doing it, but overwriting binkw32.dll with the version from Manhunt actually worked. Having said that, it's a dirty fix because I don't know what the difference was between the two DLLs, and I know they're a per-game thing, not a version-thing.

GoldfishGam3r 25-08-17 18:21


I downloaded your Alone in the Dark mod, and tried replacing an FMV from TR4 with one from AitD. Didn't work at first, but, after replacing the binkw32.dll of TR4 with the one from your mod aswell, it worked!

TR4 played the FMVs from AitD, but because they are in 16:9, there was a huge black bar below the video playing. This is important, you'll see soon.
And for reference, this happened in both windowed and fullscreen modes.

Anyway, after those awesome results, I put it my 1080p .bik files and replaced and... it played one frame and crashed. I then tried rendering my remastered FMVs in the original resolution of 640x480 to .mp4, and then convert them to .bik just like I did with the 1080p ones, using the same settings.

And it worked!

So now I'm stuck. Evaluating from the black bar below the 16:9 video, my guess is the size of the FMV player is hardcoded into the engine, causing the game to crash when an FMV has a higher resolution than the FMV player of the game.

The only solution I can think of would be to mod the game, meaning the tomb4.exe, to have a bigger window on the FMV player, but I have no clue where to even start with that. If anyone can help, I'd really apreciate it :)

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