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joona 16-12-17 12:50

Okay, her hair is perfect but I had to try with my super bad editing skills:

Portugalraider 16-12-17 13:22

Is it me or do all threads here become hair-related? :ton:
Joking aside, I love Alicia's hair in the movie. Honestly, it is the thing I hope CD/Eidos Montreal/whoever is developing SotTR brings from from the movie to the game.

Rai 16-12-17 17:02

Total Film magazine has a 'World Exclusive' look at Tomb Raider, with an interview with Alicia: https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/sta...48353000214529

Is this magazine widely available?

James_Rutland 16-12-17 17:04

Omg omg i love that


That is the best picture of Alicia as Lara

shockwave_pulsar00 16-12-17 17:26

That is a really nice cover. I love the look on her face.

Ellioft 16-12-17 17:29

I need a textless version :cln:
Alicia is stunning :jmp:

joona 16-12-17 17:35

Oh wow. Stunning!:cln: She looks so confident and cool.

Ellioft 16-12-17 17:38

This issue is release the 22 December according to the official Website

Grimaldi 16-12-17 17:40

Why wasn't that the poster? :eek:

Rai 16-12-17 17:41


Originally Posted by Ellioft (Post 7805266)
This issue is release the 22 December according to the official Website

Oh thanks! I was wondering.

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