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WillG 02-01-11 11:51


Originally Posted by TombOfRaiders (Post 5126302)
You can just purchase it off the PS Store for around 7.99.

Need it! I have the PS1 version...somewhere but I can't find it! So I'm gonna download it and play it on my PSP/PS3

ultima espio 08-01-11 12:51

Tifa's 3rd costume has been revealed


I'd imagine her 4th outfit is her Cowgirl costume.

TombOfRaiders 08-01-11 12:55

And how are these costumes going to be released? On the game itself, the Special Edition, up for download?

ultima espio 08-01-11 12:58

There in the game already...we get 3 alternate costumes this time. Cloud gets a special one for pre ordering BBSFM, Lightning gets another for the 3rd Birthday, and Tifa gets another in the EU special edition.

TombOfRaiders 12-01-11 12:22

Yuna officially confirmed in Dissidia 012.

Unfortunately, the school have blocked nearly all the news sites, but there's one I can link.


igonge 12-01-11 12:23

Hooray! :D

TombOfRaiders 12-01-11 12:30


igonge 12-01-11 12:35

I love Japanese gaming magazines, they're so colourful and crazy! I wish magazines were like that over here :p

TombOfRaiders 12-01-11 12:38


According to the wiki, I quote:


She appears as a Summoner and will be able to summon her Aeons two at a time, including Ixion, Shiva and Bahamut. For her EX Burst "Sending" she calls out all summons at once to attack finishing it with her signature pose as seen on Final Fantasy X.


igonge 12-01-11 12:45

She's probably going to be a bitch of an opponent with those multiple summons :p Glad we can play her.

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