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kryptonite23 15-08-07 06:12


Originally Posted by Peachy (Post 2027324)
You gotta love FFVII,:vlol: I thought Aerith was the clever one? BTW Is it Aerith or Aeris?

Actually it is Aeris. :)

nightwishgirl84 15-08-07 10:18

actually it's both correct see here:

Rivendell 15-08-07 10:55


Originally Posted by kryptonite23 (Post 2028751)
Actually it is Aeris. :)

Unless you have a lithp. ;)

Meh, I couldn't get into FF11. :( It did nothing to tease me out of my dislike of MMORPGs like I'd hoped it would.
The game could be a lot better if it was a single player normal FF game! The world looks gorgeous, there's some cool enemies, great creatures, stunning music..


Reggie 15-08-07 11:52

Chris, is it similar to FFXII?

Rivendell 15-08-07 12:13

Yeah I suppose. The fighting is essentially the same, but not as good as FF12. And there's rucks more HUD on 11, which I just find ugly.

Storywise I can't comment, I only played it (or tried to!) for about 2h 30m.

And the controls are weird. Hold the mouse button down and drag in the direction you want them to run. I was a bit iffy about that.
I found it really hard to fight, level up or even get any gil - so I sort of got bored with not being able to do anything.

Reggie 15-08-07 12:16

Not for me then >.<

C'mon give us a FF game which is a challenge, not a frustration and one which has a standout storyline for us to throw ourselves into.

FF used to be the ultimate game for escapism but the last time we had a game like that was way back in FFX.

kryptonite23 15-08-07 13:32

I am cofused about the FF's games.Up to what part does it have??

randomrhys 15-08-07 13:39

is it just me, or is anyone else NOT impressed with ffxii?:(

it's got rave reviews and i'm a HUGE fan of the FF series and bought xii the day it came out (february in the UK). but it's the only one since i bought vii that hasn't had me completely addicted desperate to progress in the story. i'm not keen on the characters or the story-i keep waiting for some huge plot twists but i'm not finding any. i think there's too much running around.

i LOVED X especially, mainly cus of the story and VIII is my favourite. am i the only person who prefers VIII to VII?:confused:

randomrhys 15-08-07 13:41


Originally Posted by kryptonite23 (Post 2029448)
I am cofused about the FF's games.Up to what part does it have??

FFXII is the last one in the MAIN series to be released-square-enix are working on XIII at the moment (and countless other FF spin offs)

Forwen 15-08-07 13:47


Originally Posted by randomrhys (Post 2029462)
am i the only person who prefers VIII to VII?:confused:

You kiddin'? FFVII isn't even worthy of gathering FFVIII's dust.

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