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fondantcookie 07-06-17 13:10


Originally Posted by ultima espio (Post 7748879)
the new dissidia game has just been revealed for a ps4 release in early 2018, world wide, and includes noctis.


yeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

larafan25 08-06-17 02:44


Originally Posted by Uzi master (Post 7747611)
Every game before that gives you complete and utter control over all your party members actions.


Originally Posted by Hyper_Crazy (Post 7748701)
XIII/XIII-2 I suppose, but nowhere near the level of control XII's gambit system offers.


Originally Posted by fondantcookie (Post 7748852)
Games that let you directly control each party member:
Final Fantasy 1
Final Fantasy 2
Final Fantasy 3
Final Fantasy 4
Final Fantasy 5
Final Fantasy 6
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy 10
Final Fantasy 10-2

Games where the party members are controlled via AI (depending on configuration)
Final Fantasy 12
Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy 13-2

Games where you only control the main character
Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 11
Final Fantasy 14

OMG. TBH I really need to play the first few FF games. I have no idea what they're like.

ultima espio 13-06-17 21:24



The story this time is set far beyond the events of the battles from the PSP games. While the story of the PSP games has come to an end, it will show why the battle of the gods continued.
Since this is a sequel to the PSP games, they’re not restarting the story to make it the first time that the characters meet.
In the PSP games, everyone lost the memories of the worlds from their original titles and came to this world, but this time they remember their original worlds, as well as the events of the PSP games, and more so, since most of the characters have cleared the main story, they’re full of confidence.
In the case of Cloud, this is him from after Advent Children. For that reason, his outfit and other characters’ outfits during some character stories are different from the arcade version.
So the characters remember everything this time around, including the original psp games events.

ultima espio 05-07-17 20:09

Some FFXV/Versus concept arts revealed



They all show Stella, non of them seem to have Luna. There's one of a young Stella, who looks exactly the same as young Luna.

According to the french va's, they cut a lot of stuff out, and rewrote the script in 2016.


shockwave_pulsar00 06-07-17 14:31

I still like Stella's overall design aesthetic better than what we got with Luna. It's still sad so much got cut out of the game.

ultima espio 06-07-17 21:21

Sounds like an Episode: Ravus is happening:

Femto Jiokichi, who translated a lot of Japanese ATR/events in the last years, translated the Q&A from the fan event where this art was shown:


Some answers:

Q: Too bad that the latter half of the game is so rushing. And I felt that the story or setting weren’t well explained, and we have to gather information from other places (or universe) to understand what’s going on. Those who love to swing by some places could enjoy the game, but I would hesitate to recommend this game for people who just enjoy the story.

A: (There were lots of off the record tips, but points are) We know people point out these things, and as the dev team we take this seriously even before the release date. This has been the biggest issue for the team. There are lots of things that we couldn’t put into the game even though we wanted to.
It would have been better if we could put these things in the main story, but there were only so much we could do. We will strengthen the parts that have been left out via updates and DLCs, and we would appreciate it if you could play along for long. However, it takes time and money to develop, and we put priority on the things with strong demand.

Q: When compared to Episode Prompto, Episode Gladio can’t stand a chance when it comes to the volume of the episode. I feel really sorry for Gladio.
A: Among the DLC episodes that had been decided to be released after the game is released, the team picked up Episode Gladio for the first release. Episode Gladio got the shortest developing time period, the team hasn’t got used to working on the system and all, and the team focused on speedy gameplay. Hence the lack in volume compared to Episode Prompto.

Episode Ignis will deliver the story of Ignis, of course, and the core of the main story. The dev team has been working on it pushing their limit. It’s still under development but the story made me cry, said Tabby.

To Ravus, the empire is just an ally and he can’t count on Lucis (possibly because he has grudge and complicated feelings toward the kingdom). He can’t be an oracle because it is for women only. He has been fighting all alone. Please look forward to his story.

The dev team has been creating something for an anniversary of Kingsglaive. The detail could be released on Twitter sometime around July 9, so please wait a bit more. (The tweeter saw the “something” and s/he was impressed.)

LarasFan 07-07-17 03:34

I think the kingsglaive reveal will be the character customization. Theg did state there would be one, and the character was gonna be a member of the glaive fighting along side Noctis and we would get to control him. So I think that would be it, and I'm super excited. :jmp:

larafan25 12-07-17 02:56

Anybody get The Zodiac Age? It's out now, right?

I will get it eventually, I think. I'm scared to see what they've done. :pi:

annl 12-07-17 16:29

I bought it today and as someone who played the original, I think it's much more flexible.

Bear in mind that I'm only at the Giza Plains. My friend is much farther and he says that you can choose two classes for each character (not the same for two different characters however) from a selection of twelve.

Graphics look amazing too.

Hyper_Crazy 12-07-17 18:35

Only tried it out and it looks wonderful, though why only 1440p on Pro -_-

I won't have time to play until Friday evening, but at least it gives me time to think about what jobs to pick for each character. Think I'm gonna follow what I had when I played IZJS for the first time (and only) a few years ago and go from there, defo want a Bushi/Knight combo I know that.

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