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DragonSlayer 26-02-21 15:16


Originally Posted by Yuna´s Wish (Post 8282090)
It's not episodic. FFVII Remake is a standalone title that picks a 4-5 hours portion of the original game and transforms it into a 40 hours full-fledged adventure, with a beginning and an end and a good deal of twists to keep things interesting.

They could end it here and it'd be ok. It's self-contained enough, so it can exist as a whole without a need of continuation...

...though it'd be a pity, since I do believe Remake is a million times better than the original. So I'd like to see how they remake and reimagine other places and events.

You must have missed the memo that FF7 remake will be episodic

FF7 remake is episodic, Square Enix said It themselves in the first link that the first episode of the game will release as a stand alone installment.

FF7 remake is episodic just like the Life is Strange games.

FF7 remake is good but I wouldn't call it a million times better than the original, some parts of it are completely different from the original like Wall Market being very different from what it was like in the original the same goes for the Wall Market theme, the new Wall Market theme is nowhere near as good as the original.

There are a few things I dislike about the FF7 remake which I have listed on page 2469 of this topic.

rewak 26-02-21 15:18

It's not just about cost, it's about supply being limited, there not really being that much on the thing right now, and we all know launch consoles have issues down the line that get rectified with revisions so why drop that amount of money on something that you know is going to break down and need replacing? I'm fully expecting Part 2 to be a PS5 exclusive and that's fine, that's a ways off yet and all the above will hopefully be improved by then, but right now there's no real reason to ditch the PS4. A DLC aint gonna change that so why?

DragonSlayer 26-02-21 15:24


Originally Posted by SnatchingEdges (Post 8282111)
The DLC comes out in October. You have time to stop being poor and get a new brand ps5.

Just kidding :p Idc if the DLC is PS5 exclusive. We are gonna get one for part 2 anyway. Just drop PS4 and focus on the new generation. FF7R already had some graphical issues. And omg I really hate the loading times there, I can't wait to replay it on PS5

What graphical issues I haven't seen any graphical issues.

The only way I can afford a PS5 right now would be to sell a kidney preferably not my own and then buy a PS5, IIRC a kidney has a price tag of 20,000 euro/dollars/insert currency here.

Anyone want to go grave digging and see what we can get?

killchan 26-02-21 15:25


Originally Posted by rewak (Post 8282104)
A loading screen here and there isn't a reason to drop PS4 support, we've already seen the game running perfectly fine on PS4 with massive open areas with a lot of detail in them. Unless they've made areas much larger in scale and detail that couldn't fit in the PS4s memory that isn't going to be the reason. I don't see them doing that for a DLC.

"The new episode featuring Yuffie is optimized for PlayStation 5, so it is not available on PlayStation 4."

This doesn't necessarily mean that they made the game for the PS4 first, only to walk back on that and say "Well, no, let's just add some effects and release it for the PS5 because we're special". It could just mean they made it, from the ground up, for the PS5, and when you do that every undelying aspect - more than just loading screens - doesn't have to deal with the limitations of the PS4 hardware. It's one thing when you enhance a game for the PS5, another when PS5 becomes the baseline for the target performance.

Also, do you want them to make the next FFVII games for the PS4?
If no, aren't you gonna buy a PS5 at some point anyway?

TrustyBow 26-02-21 15:37

They had to spend hella money on that exclusivity deal. I think it's fair for them to use the dlc to leverage more sales for the PS5.

rewak 26-02-21 15:41

Optimized does not mean made for. Optimized is what the main game is on the PS5 Intergrade version. If it was developed for that's exactly what it would say. The game itself is built on PS4, it's running in Unreal Engine! That's the groundwork and we know that runs fine. I can't see anything in what they've shown off from the DLC that couldn't run on PS4 given we know exactly what can run because that's where the main game is. It would not surprise me at all to find out Sony made another deal with them to make this exclusive to PS5, hell they might have even part of fully funded the development of the DLC.

I know the next game will be next gen only and I will get a PS5 at some point, but like I said a few posts back that's not gonna happen until there are a decent amount of games on it, technical problems are fixed or mostly addressed, and y'know it's actually available without fighting off an army of scalpers. By the time the next game comes out that should all be there. Right now though there's Demon's Souls and Deathloop for me, that's all. Not nearly enough to justify the cost.

Yuna´s Wish 26-02-21 15:42


Originally Posted by DragonSlayer (Post 8282116)
some parts of it are completely different from the original like Wall Market being very different from what it was like in the original the same goes for the Wall Market theme, the new Wall Market theme is nowhere near as good as the original

Well, that's the thing. I don't mind a remake deviating from the original material as long as I like the changes. And hell I do! I'm sure there are those who just condemn every single change, even if it seems to be for the better. I guess that's also ok!

I honestly loved Remake but I can also understand people who don't.

And I am fully aware of how it's been said (ages ago) it'd be episodic. I just don't see it as a LiS situation. LiS is a standalone game that doesn't work if you don't put together every single part. It ends in cliffhangers every time a chapter is over, and the possibility of buying the whole season is given ASAP.

Remake feels complete. I don't feel like I bought part of a game for 60 USD...

...or it didn't feel that way, until now! Thanks, Yuffie :pi:

SnatchingEdges 26-02-21 15:50


Originally Posted by Yuna´s Wish (Post 8282115)
^ It's June 10. Not October 6.

And the loading times are quite fine. They're not on XV's ridiculous levels.

Really? ****ing English ppl with their weird dates format :cln: Well then I'm even more hyped.

Yuna´s Wish 26-02-21 15:54


Originally Posted by SnatchingEdges (Post 8282129)
Really? ****ing English ppl with their weird dates format :cln:


Agreed. I always double check when there isn't a number higher than 12 in dates :p

rewak 26-02-21 16:47

FF7R will be free with PSPlus next month BUT that version somehow won't be eligible for the PS5 upgrade :rolleyes:

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