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charmedangelin 17-12-20 13:06

Tomb Raider Reloaded Early Access Review
I came across this review of the games early access. You can see more features like traps and puzzles.

Mod edit: video removed due to censor circumvention

JoelCaesar 17-12-20 15:52

Well... ****

jackali 18-12-20 11:18

Censor circumvention, before the review actually even started, within the first 20 seconds. Video removed. Further instances of censor circumvention may result in the application of infraction points to your account. Please take more care with videos shared.

charmedangelin 18-12-20 15:05

Thank you for the warning, I completely missed that word when I saw the review. Perhaps I had my sound off when that word came up, not sure.

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