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Titak 22-10-10 22:46

Haven't had any of those two problems with the flares.
But maybe someone else has?

All I have is that there's some green light right before the flare goes out, even if I changed the colour of the flares to something completely, like red or blue. But this is a known issue already.

-Brutus- 23-10-10 00:11

Is this the flash you get? That is a result of changing te lifetime. ;)
And as you can see (hard to see) there are some random flying sparks above te flare at the same time as te flash. It also happens in Lara's hand.

Titak 23-10-10 10:11

Looks like that's it.
It's a known bug.
Not sure if Paolone is working on a fix or not.

Not sure about the sparks though.
I've never noticed it and since I'm not using flares anymore...

ChrissyDoc 14-11-10 04:20

Plz Help
when I tried to download TRNG it stopped and said that i had to have NG_CENTER installed and that i could get it by downloading TRNG Mk1 Full Installer , when i tried to download that it said i had to download NG_CENTER first , which was what i was installing Please Help :)

Matie 14-11-10 09:13

Don't download the MK1 installer, but the first TRNG installer (I believe it's this one). Then install TRNG Mk1/2.
And welcome to the forums:)

l.m. 29-11-10 07:32

with the new update of TRNG you could build TR4 with about over 140 wad texture pages.
But what about Wadmerger? What does it bring to us, if wadmerger can't build such big wads?
Or can manage wadmerger this by now?

Titak 29-11-10 12:42

I'd say: "try and find out."

l.m. 29-11-10 12:46

what is your biggest wad that is running fine?

l.m. 29-11-10 12:49

the Y-Orign command of Cust_Bars command don't work.

Customize= CUST_BAR, BAR_LOAD_LEVEL, IGNORE, 15, 500, 150, 12, 1, 2, IGNORE

This value is still ignore, if i modify it, the bar is at top of the screen.
(like 0 value)

Only the "IGNORE" can move the bar down to the orginal value of "444".

Also this bug

Fixed bug about item flare.
This bug there was already in old tomb4 engine: when Lara threw the flare in some circustance the flare item was not visible on the floor.
is still not fixed:

Raymond 29-11-10 17:03

It isnīt about the torch, but about the flare,l.m.. So you show a completely other problem about the torch.
And be preciase, what you say. So what you say above is wrong. The problem only arises with BAR_LOAD_LEVEL and not with all the other bars.

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