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Yuna´s Wish 17-03-23 21:01


Originally Posted by Chamayoo (Post 8393530)
I uninstall the app and install it again and the issue was gone ! :eek:
No long loading screen, no FPS drops, everything is fluid again ! You should try, but be careful, don't forget to check if you're connected to Google Play/Games or Facebook. I didn't lose anything fortunately, I just had to equip my gears again, and funnily enough, cutscenes came back too.

I was connected to Google Play. And I uninstalled it. Whether I've lost anything, I'm yet to check :cln:

I'll reinstall tomorrow and I'll let you know how it went.

Thank you :hug:

tlr online 21-03-23 19:55

Monster Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening courtesy of Crystal Dynamics, starting off with a collection of high resolution enemy renders.

tlr online 21-03-23 20:07

Second Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening showcasing high resolution artwork of the amulet, backpack, bracelet, bullet, mask and weapon as part of Lara Croft's gear inventory.

tlr online 21-03-23 20:23

Third Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening featuring high resolution character renders of Lara Croft, Anaya, Kurtis and Von Croy.

tlr online 21-03-23 20:39

Fourth Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening takes a look at the artifacts Lara Croft collects during her adventures. This way for the high resolution spoils.

tlr online 21-03-23 20:52

Fifth Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening features the UI (user interface) players use to navigate the game and #LaraCroft herself. High resolution goodness this way.

charmedangelin 21-03-23 21:02

Hmm....why are they dropping all these assets on the same day a bunch of folks are announcing partnerships with CD ambassador program for TR.

Probably nothing and probably just a coincidence or something. Not getting my hopes up. :)

tlr online 21-03-23 21:02

Sixth and penultimate Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening showcases all 41 ability icons players will use during their adventures. Collect the assets here.

tlr online 21-03-23 22:42

Bonus Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening while the seventh and ultimate surprise finishes up in the oven. Here is the official Tomb Raider Reloaded Style Guide 'Gear Edition' in high resolution.

tlr online 22-03-23 02:50

Collect some shiny new Tomb Raider Reloaded mobile wallpaper (2160x3840 pixels) produced from original high resolution source assets, available to download from our web site. Some upscaling and resampling applied.

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