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Mikky 04-01-21 15:22

Help with multiplayer trophies
Hi there :wve: I'm helping my brother get the Platinum on the Definitive Edition for PS4 and we just need a few more trophies on the MP mode. Him and I are playing on two different PS4s so that's 2 people already but I think we need a couple more people to join. We did a lot of the trophies by ourselves and also managed to join a game and got a couple of other ones that require more than 2 players (by luck). We actually only need 3 more to get the Platinum:

Complete a match in all multiplayer mode

(I think my brother and I can do this ourselves so not hugely important)

I'm all That
Win a ranked match in every multiplayer mode

Master Blaster
Kill 2 multiplayer enemies with one explosive

I think Master Blaster is also one of those we could get by luck but it would be much faster with help. It's also almost impossible to find a ranked match so having more people for that would help too.

Anyway, if anyone is available and willing to help, post here or send me a DM and we'll arrange a time and date. Thanks!

SrDanielPonces 05-01-21 01:15

I remember getting those on the PS3, was terrible :(

Matie 05-01-21 17:45

I should be available during the weekend, if that's okay for you :)

I'll also copy Wooxman's tip over from an older thread, as it can speed things up significantly and we don't have to wait for all the matches to play out:

Originally Posted by Wooxman (Post 8228826)
I can't help you directly since I don't have a PS4 but here's a hint for unlocking the "I'm all that!" achievment pretty quickly: Just search for a ranked match until the game creates a lobby for you (no one is ever playing ranked, so you should be alone in the lobby). Then invite 3 other people and start the match. Once in the game, the two people on the enemy team have to quit and that counts as an instant victory for you. This way you don't have to wait for the timer to run out or get the required amount ot points.

Dermahn 05-01-21 17:46

I'm also available this weekend :)

Mikky 05-01-21 19:30

Weekend sounds good. Thanks guys. :D

Vaseknavy 06-01-21 23:13

Might join too :).

laras_shadow 21-01-21 20:12

hi, if someone is reading this i want to achieve the multiplayer achievements too, but in steam. If someone wants to help dm me pls. thx :)

Wooxman 22-01-21 06:08


Originally Posted by laras_shadow (Post 8271344)
hi, if someone is reading this i want to achieve the multiplayer achievements too, but in steam. If someone wants to help dm me pls. thx :)

I can help you. :) I myself still need the "I'm all that" achievement, which at this point is almost impossible to get since no one ever plays the ranked modes. Now we just need two more people.

ThanksVeryYou 16-07-21 05:59

Hi I'm another person who needs help with the multiplayer trophies on the Definitive Edition for PS4. If you also need the trophies or have the time to help, please get back to me. Thanks in advance!

t-raider26 16-07-21 17:26

I’m on Xbox if anyone wants to play. Just add me and shoot me a message letting me know you’re from TRF. My gamertag is LanaDelTae

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