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Dennis's Mom 31-07-19 18:15

What is your overall opinion of Shadow?
Poll requested by _Seth

JsotoTRSaga 31-07-19 18:16

The Best of the Trilogy and also the Best of the Worst Tomb Raider games. It's gameplay is good, the story is abysmal but not on the level of hell like Rise.

johnanonymouz 31-07-19 18:21

where is the 'i love it' choice?

LuckyEdge10 31-07-19 18:21

The story is ridicolous. Lara's characterization is ridicolous (gurl, you just killed almost all Mexico citizens and at the end you don't even give a damn **** about them?! It's all finished because "I kIlLeD tHe kIlLer oF mY FaThEr". She does everything to reach her goals, even killing an entire country).

It was rushed on release. Really, I think Shadow was my 2nd most buggy TR experience after Underworld. If you don't have an internet connection and can't download all the updates, all you get is a bunch of graphical glitches and bugs.

I totally hate Lara in this TR. She is too arrogant. She is only funny when she's with Jonah.

Portugalraider 31-07-19 18:32

I really like it. It's not perfect, I think the game has some pacing issues, and story the story feels too fragmented, but I really enjoy those fragments, the tombs (main and challenge) were top notch, the hubs really neat to explore (even if they should have been used better during the main story) and I really liked most platforming segments.

If only this game had like 6 more months in the oven just to iron things out.

Amunet 31-07-19 18:34

I really liked it. I still think it's the best TR game since CD took over the franchise.

Yuna´s Wish 31-07-19 18:43

It's been more than 10 months and I'm still in love with it :hug:

xspacedude 31-07-19 18:44

I love this game, it’s not perfect but everything I love now is in it.

johnanonymouz 31-07-19 18:52

It's the best Tomb Raider since The Last Revelation for me.

Yuna´s Wish 31-07-19 18:52


Originally Posted by xspacedude (Post 8116133)
I love this game, it’s not perfect but everything I love now is in it.


Even Jonah is likeable in this game.

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