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wmario.silva 03-07-22 20:05

TR1 Gold retail CD error after installation

I am trying for ages to install and play TR1 and TRUB, i used tr installer but only worked for TR1 while UB freeze after i select the passport in main menu. I am trying dosbox now but i am getting this message after installation > Illegal command C:\tombpath , what could it be? i found tutorials on youtube but none of them worked for me, and i also would like to know how to fix the audio and stuff with dosbox, without glidos program, bcz this one didnt work for me as well . btw i dont have any video card install, its intel onboard

gidierre 04-07-22 10:17

What installer have you been using?Mine?

Anyway the error msg you get is due to a faulty command although to adjust I'd have to know what's before, the path & stuff..

Be aware that the installer I made up tweaks plain vanilla dosbox setup, iow it's customized to begin with

gidierre 04-07-22 10:25

so you've got to take this into account before getting to change It

to get back to your problem with TRUB freezing
It ought to be fixed by editing the very speed emulation
to do that you're supposed to open your tombraider folder, find the configuration file (*.conf) handling TRUB, scroll to the cycles= entry

gidierre 04-07-22 10:30

customize its value & save

How much? This depends pretty much on your CPU specs
you want to try different figures
say between 20000 and 150000
up and down by steps of 10000 or so from current number
some will do better, most will do worst

you're on your own

gidierre 04-07-22 10:34

When you find your value
you'll know :)

(Sorry for continuing posts, I'm on this tiny phone keyboard and it keeps acting up :o)

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