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thewolf 04-12-20 17:26

Hope you guys can help me out :D I have a small problem with my game. If I don't interact with Lara for 30seconds while I'm ingame (not inventory) the game throws me back to the title screen. I've never encountered this before:confused: As if it's demo mode and the game thinks now I must go back to menu:cln:

DaroRaider 04-12-20 22:00

That's rare, I was aware that when you was in the title screen, after 30 seconds the game starts playing the demo. But you are saying that you are in-game and you go back to the main menu?? :confused:

Edit: why are you a "golden" user?

Topixtor 05-12-20 01:24

When you disable demo mode, the inventory screen still does the closing and re-opening animation without trying to open the demo as far as I know.

I think in The Great Wall if you stand still for too long it actually works as if you are in the main menu, maybe just with some scripts or .exes? So, it tries to open the Demo and, when it fails, it automatically opens the main menu again, probably. I'm not sure.

Felix Kroft 06-12-20 18:11


thewolf 07-12-20 19:45

Thanks for the quick replies. I checked the scipt and saw a checkmark on "no input timout" . After removing it the game was running fine without going back to the title screen:)

Hello Felix,

1. As far as I know the underwater sinks make trouble in Dxtre3d. For TR2 the sinks will always push or suck Lara in complete different directions than you want them Lara to go.
Only thing that works is if you place a sink in room number 1. Room 1 will work without any problems for your sink in TR2.

I never build a TR3 level but I think Feder did say in TR3 they don't make any problems....... for TR1 it could be the same as in TR2.

What you can try is to place a sink in your Room 1 and fill it with water to test it out.
Second thing what you can do is to use a base file like (Tomp of Tihocan) or (Francis Folly) those files also had underwater sinks. It could be possible that the sinks got hardcoded into the game in the past but I can't tell.:confused:

If all fails you could ask Feder personally, he might knows more about TR1;)

2.You mean your textures got rotated in different directions? I once had something similar with animated textures. I couldn't solve it in Dxtre3d but in order to make the textures correct in the compiled level , I rotated them inside Dxtre3d in wrong directions so they showed correct ingame:cln:
You can also open your compiled level in Rview and rotate your textures there so they fit perfectly;)

Felix Kroft 07-12-20 21:53


thewolf 19-12-20 11:28

Yeah, sometimes the weirdest things can happen with Dxtre3d. Things I can't even explain by myself.

I hope you could solve the problems and good luck with your project :)

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