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The Great Chi 22-03-17 21:25


Originally Posted by TR-Freak (Post 7723569)
^Already blocked :vlol:

Sorry, I just cannot get any file sharing program to accept TRAfly.exe now.

I see's it as a virus :hea:

FreakRaider 04-04-17 14:58

Can anyone please reupload it? There is no link on the internet for it at all :(

Aelita 19-04-17 19:30

The download redirects me to a scam website. wth? :mad:

CoTeCiO 27-06-17 06:14

For anyone looking for the tool, apparently it is available here: http://www.laraweb.de/tr8/00.htm

I haven't tried it yet because Chrome refuses to save the file as it detects it as a virus. I'll try with Internet Explorer and check it out, although, to be honest, there's so many virus warnings about the fly tool that it is a little scary to download and use it, as someone else pointed here, nobody knows if someone else took the file and infected it, but I guess I'll take your word for it and go ahead and use it.

TheIndra 14-10-18 16:12

Any news about this tool? is it already uploaded somewhere else? I'd love to try

zack3top123456 30-12-18 12:57

Download Link
I have the download link!!!!!!!!
For 4.58MB and 8.93MB versions, the link is:
There wasn't a working link (that I could find) for the 19MB version :(
But I have the 4.58MB version anyway :)

Sarah7777 05-01-19 19:22

SunBeam 10-01-21 11:28

Back again :) Expect some updates in a bit :p

perryloo 10-01-21 15:29

Hello, I playing Anniversary at the moment and want to try flying. Cannot find flightmode tool link working, is there a working link? Thank you.

SunBeam 10-01-21 15:56

The existing tool and all download links from 2008-2010 are gone. I still have the tool and source code, however the game has updated several times. I doubt, as is, that it will work for you. I recommend specifying which version of the game are you playing, specifically (e.g.: latest Steam version, latest Epic Games Store version, latest GOG version, cracked, etc.). The tool will be revamped sometimes next week so it will hopefully work with any version. Am doing a major overhaul of things, so stay tuned.

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