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Bridge 16-01-21 06:56


Originally Posted by SunBeam (Post 8269722)
^ Told you I'm still around and will update this :p

If this helps any bit here are the properties for the American TRA.exe


SunBeam 18-01-21 13:06

Won't need any specific executables, unless some of the code I intend to scan for won't be found in yours. I trust the arrays of bytes will be generic and not different, per executable. Meaning whatever I got planed will work with ANY version of the game.

narna33 24-02-21 00:48

Thank you for posting this! I'm running the Steam version (size: 1144 KB) and though I was able to install the flight patch .exe no problem (the gray TRFly box launches), but nothing happens when when I try to activate after launching TRA in Steam--I hit F11 and then either up or down, but no result.

Has anyone else had this problem? It's as simple as launching the flight tool first and then hitting F11 during Steam gameplay to activate it, correct? Are there any other ways to activate the fly mode or do i need to do something else after installing the exe? (something on the back end with the files?) Thank you for anyone patient enough to help.

Songe 02-05-22 23:53

Does anyone still use this tool? The links above have long since expired. :(

UroshUchiha 03-05-22 00:30

I still have these on my external hard drive.
Aren't people nowadays using this instead though? https://github.com/TheIndra55/TRAE-menu-hook

I can reupload them tomorrow if you still need them.

perryloo 03-05-22 15:27

TRAfly....(I still have it on my disk, so here it is)....

Note: that you will have to turn off your anti-virus program to load the link, as it see's this as a virus, but it is not a virus. It might also say its dangerous program, and give a message 'do you want to keep it', say yes.

Its F11 to turn it on and 1 and 2 to go up and down.
If it does not work then you need a TRA fly to suit your size of TRA.exe.
Some Anniversary exe's are different sizes per country/region.

EDIT...13 downloads so far, so are you getting it to work OK, guys?
My TRA.exe is the UK/European version of the game at 8.93 Mb :tmb:

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