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charliecroft 09-06-07 12:06

Does it not scare the crap out of anyone when she falls off map or something? Im not sure why but it makes me heart feel like it going to explode, probly just coz im wierd!! :)

Alex Fly 09-06-07 12:29

I've just tried it in the Croft Manor, very good work ! That's nice to climb on the roof. :D :)

rewak 09-06-07 13:28

Thanks for making this tool! :D

xRikux89 09-06-07 13:30

Yeah, it's a lot of fun :p

Everyone, try pushing an object while in flight mode :rolleyes:

rewak 09-06-07 13:35

I've done that, its pretty weird!

SunBeam 09-06-07 15:55

Hahaha. Try this. Hover on a map, an position yourself above a swinging pole. Jump and see what happens :D She ain't gonna fall through the map ;)

@LegendLuvr24: That person is a mod. You change your attitude, lol. As to whether or not you should trust your AV, one thing is certain - whatever messages an AV tell you, you are not entitled to THINK you know it all; just cuz you saw it, doesn't mean it's real; usually, people that have no experience in the field, blindly shout out loud a program they scanned or opened has a virus.

There was a time when trainers generated with Trainer Maker Kit were picked up as viruses. They used H@tKeysH@@k.dll to hook the keyboard used for options in the trainer. And that was considered "harmful" o_O Bleah. I never use any AVs at all. Those are for lazy people and I also want to make a better use of my RAM memory rather than allowing an AV to eat more than 50% with useless idle scanning...

LegendLuvr24 09-06-07 23:09

Mod or not, I didn't agree with the way they handled the situation but I am not about to get banned for it so I'll leave it go.

Awesome little tool. I love patches like this :D.

sdp93 10-06-07 01:01

It didn't work. I followed the directions, but when I pressed F11, the game shut down.

TurtleDJC 10-06-07 01:09

There are two types, one for the smaller size TRA.exe and one for the bigger one. Use the wrong one and it will crash the game.

black.orchid 10-06-07 08:16

help using the tool
Heya, sorry to be such a newb, but can someone pls help me to use this tool?

1. I got the TRAFly tool, (for my 8.93Mb exe)
2. I open the tool
3. I start the game
4. I press F11, and then 1 or 2
Then nothing... :(
What am i doing wrong?

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