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Dark Lugia 2 10-06-07 08:22

You press f11, then walk off an edge, any edge and she wont fall off, but will still be walking :D
i SO cant wait to try this when i get the game today, i'm shaking wiht anticipation :D

black.orchid 10-06-07 08:31

Thanks DL2

I tried doing that, but she just falls of the ledge and grabs it... :hea:
When i exit the game, the tool's window showed the tool to be "OFF".

What am i doing wrong? Am I doing it in the wrong order?

Dark Lugia 2 10-06-07 08:34

Oh, oh!
turn on the game and press the windows button on the keyboad (the flag button thingy) so the game is minimised, and press F11 and check it the tool tuns from OFF to ON :) if it doesnt i think it might not work or you have the wrong version?
if it says ON then click the game so it comes up again, and walk off an edge to see what happens :)

black.orchid 10-06-07 08:39


Ok, so i did load the game, then exit via the windows button.
But pressing F11 does not turn it on... hmmmm.
I am sure i have the correct mod version (TRAFly for the 8.93Mb exe)


Dark Lugia 2 10-06-07 08:41

hmmm.. I think the only person who can answer that is SunBeam :o

black.orchid 10-06-07 08:44

Ok, I'll pm him. Thanks for all the help DL2! :hug:

Dark Lugia 2 10-06-07 08:52

Anytime dude :hug: :D

jennyanydots 10-06-07 09:32

I've got a problem too!!! I downloaded the fly mode tool(the right one for my version),I turned it on and my beautiful girl just falls off the ledge and grabs it,instead of walking ahead... What can I do about this??.. PLS...

aussie500 10-06-07 10:29

Really it is not that hard to do, run the fly mode tool ie: Program must be actually open, start the game, press F11 to turn the mod on. If it still does not work try pressing 1 to see if you can actually change the gravity before walking of anything.

l am not sure if it is necessary but l put the tool in the same folder as the game exe

DMC 10-06-07 10:46


Originally Posted by aussie500 (Post 1883572)
l am not sure if it is necessary but l put the tool in the same folder as the game exe

It's not necessary :)

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