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SunBeam 09-06-07 04:28

Flight Mode Tool
This thread-subject has been cleared for posting by the administrators of this forum! However, the administrators and/or owners of Tomb Raider Forums are not liable for any damage that may or may not occur from use of the below-referenced information and/or unofficial patch, nor do we endorse this information and/or unofficial patch in any way. Use at your own risk!

Hope this sorts it out for everyone. The current fly tool allows you to move Lara to any position in the game, with a few notes to be taken into account:

1. If you get attacked by animals while you are in fly mode, you will fall off the map. Disabling the tool will bring you back to the place you left the map through.

2. Going through a locked door, and disabling the tool will bring you back before that door.

3. Jumping/crouching while in fly mode will also make Lara drop off the map.

How to use it, simple. Launch the game, then the tool. Get on a map, activate the tool with F11 (note the same key - F11 - is used for both activating/deactivating the fly mode) and use 1 or 2 keys to go up/down. Additionally, you can use the slider to go up/down faster, by setting a bigger value.

There are a few versions of the game out, so I've adapted the tool for each of them :

* For the 4.58 MB and 8.93 MB sized tra.exe (also works with Steam version) - get it here

* For the 19 MB sized tra.exe - get it here

* And for the demo - get it here

Cheers and have fun!

Fire_Spy 09-06-07 04:42


johny_v1.3 09-06-07 06:58

can you reupload it somewhere else, please? They're blocking my country's IPs.

Done it with anonymizer. :o)

SunBeam 09-06-07 07:05

Made a pack with all 3. Read the info above to know which one to use. Download here.

P.S.: Am done with uploading it to 100 sites, since the one they were originally hosted at is working and banned. If you're having problems downloading it, figure a way out. Don't ask for more reuploads.

NightWish 09-06-07 07:18

cool...so can u finish he level with this cheat? or example - time trials :D

SunBeam 09-06-07 07:20

Guess. LOL...

cybershot1 09-06-07 07:41

a trojan...... >_> wth

SunBeam 09-06-07 07:47

I'm guessing you are using one of the OH-so-many anti-viruses which informed you that my files are packed and possibly harmful? :D Read the top of the first thread. These files were approved by admins, meaning they were scanned before being posted =.=

Jeez, people and anti-viruses. Know nothing about the subject, yet yell it's a "virus". Gotta love it ;)

Conclusion: if you don't trust me or this site, don't use the tools. There's no need to inform us of your false "discovery"...

johny_v1.3 09-06-07 07:48

it's virus free and it really works. cool...thank you :)

Dark Lugia 2 09-06-07 08:11

Cool, I have the other version of this made by I forgot who his name is, begins with S :p did you make this one yourself? :D and does it work with the demo? :)

cybershot1 09-06-07 08:12

better safe than sorry. I'd rather double check than get into the habit of ignoring warnings from my AV thinking that its a bull**** message lest I one day invite a real virus into my pc.


Originally Posted by SunBeam (Post 1880852)
Jeez, people and anti-viruses. Know nothing about the subject, yet yell it's a "virus". Gotta love it ;)

Is it wrong to be alerted to what the program tells me? I did not call it a virus. It did, and it told me.

would you not go to a mechanic to check your oil if the warning light is on? How would you feel if the mechanic said, "pfft, you know nothing about cars and youre all worried. you dont need an oil change idiot. the light is lying to you."

Mod edit. Censorship bypass.

SunBeam 09-06-07 08:29

Took you a while to write all that :D Anyway, the word's final. Double-check it in whatever way you wish (either rescan with multiple AVs - even online - or check the file yourself). Once you're 100% sure it's a virus, open your mouth and shout so everyone knows ;)

aussie500 09-06-07 08:53


Originally Posted by cybershot1 (Post 1880838)
a trojan...... >_> wth

l have used it and there are no trojans on my PC thanks, l suggest you get a better program to scan with, or learn to use the one you have. :mad:

Fire_Spy 09-06-07 09:24

Well once I elbowed all the "trojans":ton: aside it ran beautifully. Tested it doing the first cave level time trial.

Apart from the fact that i got lost it worked perfectly. thanks a bunch!:jmp:

LegendLuvr24 09-06-07 10:07


Originally Posted by aussie500 (Post 1880956)
l have used it and there are no trojans on my PC thanks, l suggest you get a better program to scan with, or learn to use the one you have. :mad:

Why do people act like they have a personality disorder on these forums at times? There's no need to jump down the guy's throat for thinking there may have been a trojan on the file. He was responding to what his anti-virus software said, how was he supposed to know whether or not it was bad?

I suggest you get a happier personality or learn to treat people better with the one you have.

Angelus 09-06-07 10:17

Could we have some screenshots, please? :jmp:

marcocatena 09-06-07 10:37


Originally Posted by Angelus (Post 1881132)
Could we have some screenshots, please? :jmp:

Check some of them out here:

Soon a video will be avalible

mathew9r 09-06-07 10:41

can this be done with the demo ???

The Great Chi 09-06-07 11:38

This is a fantastic program for TR8 Anniversary, well done :tmb:

It reminds me of the great uses of the POSITION EDITOR for TR1 to TR5, and the SCU for TR6, all very usefull tools for Tomb raider fans :D

So will this program work for TR7 Legend, as its the same engine ?

thompa89 09-06-07 11:43


Originally Posted by mathew9r (Post 1881177)
can this be done with the demo ???


Originally Posted by SunBeam (Post 1880657)
* And for the demo - get it here


charliecroft 09-06-07 12:06

Does it not scare the crap out of anyone when she falls off map or something? Im not sure why but it makes me heart feel like it going to explode, probly just coz im wierd!! :)

Alex Fly 09-06-07 12:29

I've just tried it in the Croft Manor, very good work ! That's nice to climb on the roof. :D :)

rewak 09-06-07 13:28

Thanks for making this tool! :D

xRikux89 09-06-07 13:30

Yeah, it's a lot of fun :p

Everyone, try pushing an object while in flight mode :rolleyes:

rewak 09-06-07 13:35

I've done that, its pretty weird!

SunBeam 09-06-07 15:55

Hahaha. Try this. Hover on a map, an position yourself above a swinging pole. Jump and see what happens :D She ain't gonna fall through the map ;)

@LegendLuvr24: That person is a mod. You change your attitude, lol. As to whether or not you should trust your AV, one thing is certain - whatever messages an AV tell you, you are not entitled to THINK you know it all; just cuz you saw it, doesn't mean it's real; usually, people that have no experience in the field, blindly shout out loud a program they scanned or opened has a virus.

There was a time when trainers generated with Trainer Maker Kit were picked up as viruses. They used H@tKeysH@@k.dll to hook the keyboard used for options in the trainer. And that was considered "harmful" o_O Bleah. I never use any AVs at all. Those are for lazy people and I also want to make a better use of my RAM memory rather than allowing an AV to eat more than 50% with useless idle scanning...

LegendLuvr24 09-06-07 23:09

Mod or not, I didn't agree with the way they handled the situation but I am not about to get banned for it so I'll leave it go.

Awesome little tool. I love patches like this :D.

sdp93 10-06-07 01:01

It didn't work. I followed the directions, but when I pressed F11, the game shut down.

TurtleDJC 10-06-07 01:09

There are two types, one for the smaller size TRA.exe and one for the bigger one. Use the wrong one and it will crash the game.

black.orchid 10-06-07 08:16

help using the tool
Heya, sorry to be such a newb, but can someone pls help me to use this tool?

1. I got the TRAFly tool, (for my 8.93Mb exe)
2. I open the tool
3. I start the game
4. I press F11, and then 1 or 2
Then nothing... :(
What am i doing wrong?

Dark Lugia 2 10-06-07 08:22

You press f11, then walk off an edge, any edge and she wont fall off, but will still be walking :D
i SO cant wait to try this when i get the game today, i'm shaking wiht anticipation :D

black.orchid 10-06-07 08:31

Thanks DL2

I tried doing that, but she just falls of the ledge and grabs it... :hea:
When i exit the game, the tool's window showed the tool to be "OFF".

What am i doing wrong? Am I doing it in the wrong order?

Dark Lugia 2 10-06-07 08:34

Oh, oh!
turn on the game and press the windows button on the keyboad (the flag button thingy) so the game is minimised, and press F11 and check it the tool tuns from OFF to ON :) if it doesnt i think it might not work or you have the wrong version?
if it says ON then click the game so it comes up again, and walk off an edge to see what happens :)

black.orchid 10-06-07 08:39


Ok, so i did load the game, then exit via the windows button.
But pressing F11 does not turn it on... hmmmm.
I am sure i have the correct mod version (TRAFly for the 8.93Mb exe)


Dark Lugia 2 10-06-07 08:41

hmmm.. I think the only person who can answer that is SunBeam :o

black.orchid 10-06-07 08:44

Ok, I'll pm him. Thanks for all the help DL2! :hug:

Dark Lugia 2 10-06-07 08:52

Anytime dude :hug: :D

jennyanydots 10-06-07 09:32

I've got a problem too!!! I downloaded the fly mode tool(the right one for my version),I turned it on and my beautiful girl just falls off the ledge and grabs it,instead of walking ahead... What can I do about this??.. PLS...

aussie500 10-06-07 10:29

Really it is not that hard to do, run the fly mode tool ie: Program must be actually open, start the game, press F11 to turn the mod on. If it still does not work try pressing 1 to see if you can actually change the gravity before walking of anything.

l am not sure if it is necessary but l put the tool in the same folder as the game exe

DMC 10-06-07 10:46


Originally Posted by aussie500 (Post 1883572)
l am not sure if it is necessary but l put the tool in the same folder as the game exe

It's not necessary :)

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