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Yeauxleaux 26-02-21 16:41

Thanks guys :hug:


Originally Posted by Caesum (Post 8281855)
i wish quarantine made me more thicc too tbh

Wanna trade? People always want what they don't have :vlol:

TR1249 13-03-21 13:43


Just vibing :)

Caesum 31-03-21 20:48


Originally Posted by TR1249 (Post 8285318)
[IMG ]https://www.imgur.com/Temfqpm.jpg[/IMG]

Just vibing :)

You're looking great! By the way, are your eyes light blue or grey?

My tinder profile pics are ready to stun the world

http://i.imgur.com/R6op7tzl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ssE1nNzl.jpg

Don't ask why

lance6439 01-04-21 02:00

@TR1249 Adorbz!

@Caesum Handsome as always! even tho harry potter kinda sucks lol you make it look interesting lmao

TR1249 01-04-21 19:55

Thank you, you two :hug:

I love your pictures, Caesum, love me a potterhead :D
And to answer your question, my eyes are light blue :)

PedroTheGamer 04-04-21 13:05


Originally Posted by TR1249 (Post 8285318)

You're só cutie :D

TR1249 06-04-21 08:38


Originally Posted by PedroTheGamer (Post 8290812)
You're só cutie :D

Aww, thank you :hug:

ANoDE 06-04-21 22:24

@Caesum: Looking good :tmb:

Originally Posted by Caesum (Post 8290070)

But I have to ask: Is that a scene from the "Titanic" game?!

Caesum 08-04-21 17:44

^ Yes it is. Titanic Adventure Out Of Time to be precise. :D

Tsarina 08-04-21 18:27

Looking great everyone!


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