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MrBear 08-06-08 14:35

[QUOTE=lita212;2762007]why did u quote me with a quote i never wrote?[/QUOTE]

With the word 'Fixed' Cog implies that (s)he altered your quote :) it's just for giggles..

Night Crawler 08-06-08 14:56


Sonya 08-06-08 16:14

Lol this thread is hilarious, i like the paris one lol, can't get any better than that :p

SirCroft, i guess underpus would have attitude like her aswell :)

Cog 08-06-08 16:27

[QUOTE=Night Crawler;2762159][IMG][/IMG][/QUOTE]
At last, someone did it.

Portugalraider 08-06-08 16:32

direct from the galaxy


Rivendell 08-06-08 16:41

:vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

Feather Duster 08-06-08 17:04

Oh my god I love these! I'm just waiting for someone to make a 'sexy' Underpus.

No_more_bullets 08-06-08 17:10

[QUOTE=iamlaracroft;2757525]The next chapter after TRU will be entirely based around Lara struggling with the wall placement of Underpus in her trophy room after she has 'em taxidermied.

"Like, on the left? Or, like, you know, on the right of T-Rex?"


I can see it now. It'd sure be something to talk about to the neighbours over tea and crumpets.

Stel4eto 08-06-08 17:30

[quote=Feather Duster;2762414]Oh my god I love these! I'm just waiting for someone to make a 'sexy' Underpus.[/quote]

Sexy underpus:p:


I just had to do this:D

Sir Croft 08-06-08 17:53

:vlol: :vlol:

Maybe Justin could add this as a sub-category in the Fan Art Section in, "The Almighty Underpus". :D

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