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Baratheon 07-03-13 12:56

[QUOTE=CD93;6690330]Out of curiosity, has this been noted / noticed?

Oh my God. I knew something was missing!

James_Croft 07-03-13 13:10

So much for the PC version being "superior"! :p

voltz 07-03-13 13:21

[QUOTE=CD93;6690330]Out of curiosity, has this been noted / noticed?


"Master Race" foiled again! :cln:

_Ninja_ 07-03-13 13:23

Actually I don't think I want lense flare and water on the camera.

suckerpunch 07-03-13 13:37

[QUOTE=James_Croft;6690377]So much for the PC version being "superior"! :p[/QUOTE]

LOL, this doesn't change anything. The PC version is still the best. So it's missing some drops and sun rays, big deal. I don't see a big difference.

voltz 07-03-13 13:42

[QUOTE=suckerpunch;6690414]LOL, this doesn't change anything. The PC version is still the best. So it's missing some drops and sun rays, big deal. I don't see a big difference.[/QUOTE]

But you're missing the original presentation that the developers originally intended. This seriously does require a little patchwork.

Dark_Messiah 07-03-13 13:44

I actually didn't notice that this stuff is missing - game still looks way better than the console one

_Ninja_ 07-03-13 13:52

Well I put it in windowed mode. All you have to do is Alt + Enter afterwards. Works like a charm.

The game does look noticeably different.

Mmmbop 07-03-13 14:12

Just got to the part where [COLOR="White"]Roth dies, he has the dual pistols and when Lara picks them up [/COLOR]it literally gave me shivers down the spine.

Thought they did that really well and teased you with it but [COLOR="White"]why did she have to give one to Sam?!?!?! I want dual pistols [/COLOR]:(

princebenidere 07-03-13 15:14

My Personal Review ( possible spoilers )
hi there TRF, at last i can lurk around here now that i played the game

Iv'e been avoiding this forums ever since spoilers came out and i am very glad that I didn't spoil myself

but this post is all about my impressions about the game so here we go!!

The game is absolutely beautiful and the fact that i didn't spoil it makes it even better, the puzzles are not easy but not that hard either
the environments are super gorgeous and the atmosphere is something i really really loved from he game.

my favorite area was the night Forest where you have to sneak in to the scavengers, i love the moonlight the atmosphere and i jumped from those platform up in the trees killing the scavengers one by one, the FEELS that it gave me is priceless..
i havent completed it 100% but im loving the exploration and the Large open area specially the beach part and the night hub,collecting mushrooms etc are so fun!!

I really understand the fact that Tombs are few in this game, its just a one island , i will not expect it to have so many tombs coz its unrealistic, the Tomb of Himiko are nicely done and the monastery are so good in the eyes, lets not forget that its just a start of Lara's journey of becoming a tomb raider
the story tells us that Lara have been blinded by her belief that supernaturals myths etc doesn't exist and because of what happened the interest and her passion has grew more. and i cant wait for the next installment!!

The combat is something that impressed me so much, you can feel the tension of her Bow and every shot is very realistic , I even react everytime she shoots her arrow and my brother is kinda laughing at i have never seen a game that used a Bow this perfect and with intensity.

well as for the story, some are cliche but very well placed that you'll almost forget about it after you progress to the game and I love every character specially Alex and Jonah and Reyes, love them all ..ROTH why????!!

My mother my three brothers are watching me when im playing the game and i feel so happy because they are so interested in it, they feel the game too and every battle they cheer me up and help me and shouts when grenades are on my sides,lol they even helped me with some of the puzzles and my brother are mad whenever i play the game without him so i have to save the game to be able to go back from the previews scenario.

words cannot express how good this game is and i didn't find anything that made me dislike it and anything that i dont like,
Congratulation to SE and CD for doing an amazing Job!!

[B]I give this game a score of 10/10[/B]

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