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lcroft_lc 14-01-14 19:44

Where is that pic from? :confused:

larafan25 14-01-14 19:45



But I took it from the thread at the Eidos Forum.

Lukass 14-01-14 20:30

Nice pic....very nice.

Mikky 14-01-14 20:42

[QUOTE=ThatSassyKid;6979596]I still don't understand why there is a GOTY Edition when it didn't even win GOTY :confused:[/QUOTE]

It did win a GOTY award, though.



But I took it from the thread at the Eidos Forum.[/QUOTE]

The description:

[Quote]Lara Croft is on the hunt for the strange force that is terrorizing the survivors of the Endurance crew! As ancient mythological creatures appear to wreak havoc on Lara, so too do the ghosts of her past![/quote]

Er... Interesting? So, Lara is seeing ghosts now? Ghosts? Seriously? What is going on? :/ Is it me or are the comics' plot just sounding dumber and dumber with these summaries? Lame, cliché excuse to bring back old characters, anyway. I am really looking forward to these comics, but so far I am not liking the sound of them. I just don't believe this is where the narrative should be heading. But you know what, I will wait to read them. Could end up being really good, who knows.

Two things I definitely don't want want to see in the sequel, though - I don't want Lara to be some traumatized girl who feels guilty and sad about what happened to her friends every time someone mentions them ("I... Could have saved them" *looks into the distance* Um, no), and I definitely don't want to see ghosts.

Zebra 14-01-14 20:45

@Mikky: She's seeing ancient mythological creatures. "Ghosts of the past" is only a figure of speech.

larafan25 14-01-14 20:45

I think. She's experiencing... dreams and visions, from her truamatic experience. As it said in the description for the other comic.

Mikky 14-01-14 20:51

[QUOTE=Zebra;6979779]@Mikky: She's seeing mythical creatures. "Ghosts of the past" is only a figure of speech.[/QUOTE]

But it says "so [b]too[/b] do the ghosts of her past", as in as well as, in addition to - you get the picture. Doesn't really sound like a figure of speech to me.

larafan25 14-01-14 20:52

Yes, ghosts of her past as in Roth, Alex, and Grim, maybe. However not actual ghosts, but dreams, visions, hauntings, nightmares.

Rai 14-01-14 20:57

I don't think it's a figure of speech in this case. However, it may not mean she's seeing ghosts in the actual sense, rather she's having nightmares/visions. I'm fine with this stuff being covered in the comics, it could mean that as the story develops, Lara will gradually come to terms with things ready to go on an adventure in TR10. To be honest, I'd be surprised if Lara[I] didn't [/I]feel the after effects of Yamatai, experiencing guilt/doubt etc. At least in the comics.

Mikky 14-01-14 21:02

Hmm, maybe, who knows. Just makes it sound like it's actual ghosts when you mention it alongside something like mythological creatures.

I wonder what kind of creatures, anyway, and where they came from. And most importantly, why they're going after Lara. Spooky. :pi:

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