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Yuna´s Wish 17-03-23 21:01

[QUOTE=Chamayoo;8393530]I uninstall the app and install it again and the issue was gone ! :eek:
No long loading screen, no FPS drops, everything is fluid again ! You should try, but be careful, don't forget to check if you're connected to Google Play/Games or Facebook. I didn't lose anything fortunately, I just had to equip my gears again, and funnily enough, cutscenes came back too.[/QUOTE]

I was connected to Google Play. And I uninstalled it. Whether I've lost anything, I'm yet to check :cln:

I'll reinstall tomorrow and I'll let you know how it went.

Thank you :hug:

tlr online 21-03-23 19:55

Monster Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening courtesy of Crystal Dynamics, starting off with a collection of high resolution [URL=""]enemy renders[/URL].


tlr online 21-03-23 20:07

Second Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening showcasing high resolution artwork of the [URL=""]amulet[/URL], [URL=""]backpack[/URL], [URL=""]bracelet[/URL], [URL=""]bullet[/URL], [URL=""]mask[/URL] and [URL=""]weapon[/URL] as part of Lara Croft's gear inventory.


tlr online 21-03-23 20:23

Third Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening featuring high resolution [URL=""]character renders[/URL] of Lara Croft, Anaya, Kurtis and Von Croy.


tlr online 21-03-23 20:39

Fourth Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening takes a look at the [URL=""]artifacts[/URL] Lara Croft collects during her adventures. This way for the high resolution spoils.


tlr online 21-03-23 20:52

Fifth Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening features the [URL=""]UI[/URL] (user interface) players use to navigate the game and #LaraCroft herself. High resolution goodness this way.


charmedangelin 21-03-23 21:02

Hmm....why are they dropping all these assets on the same day a bunch of folks are announcing partnerships with CD ambassador program for TR.

Probably nothing and probably just a coincidence or something. Not getting my hopes up. :)

tlr online 21-03-23 21:02

Sixth and penultimate Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening showcases all 41 [URL=""]ability icons[/URL] players will use during their adventures. Collect the assets here.


tlr online 21-03-23 22:42

Bonus Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening while the seventh and ultimate surprise finishes up in the oven. Here is the official Tomb Raider Reloaded [URL=""]Style Guide[/URL] 'Gear Edition' in high resolution.


tlr online 22-03-23 02:50

Collect some shiny new Tomb Raider Reloaded [URL=""]mobile wallpaper[/URL] (2160x3840 pixels) produced from original high resolution source assets, available to download from our web site. Some upscaling and resampling applied.


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