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perryloo 16-01-21 21:09

Having trouble seeing Imgur pictures on the site

Hi Guys, anyone else not able to see imgur pictures in the last few days.
On my computer/crome browser.
I have also tried my amazon fire tablet, to prove its not just my computer, checked on Tombraiderforums and same problem, cannot see any pictures at all :(

Example --- this thread should have 5 pictures in the first message, but cannot see any. Do you?

gidierre 17-01-21 09:36

It seems I do

perryloo 17-01-21 12:57

You do see it? you do not see it? (ambiguous answer LOL)

I looked at the Imgur site and see no pictures :(

gidierre 17-01-21 13:48

I do see it.

perryloo 17-01-21 14:49

Thanks, I must be having trouble at my end :(
I phoned a relative and they are seeing the pictures.

I tried putting an old refurbished computer I have with firefox browser, and connected it to my router via a cable instead of wi-fi, and this time I saw a 'red X' box instead of the pictures. Before I was seeing no pictures at all on chrome or tablet.

So that 3 different devices with 3 different browsers I have tried, and no luck, and the only common denominator is my router, and I do not think it would be the problem, as its just makes an internet signal in to the house.

I think I will have to take this question to a computer forum site and see if they can help.

perryloo 17-01-21 20:44


I asked on another website that deals with computers and internet, and they asked if I was with TALKTALK as my internet provider, and I said yes.

Recently this month, talktalk has added internet boost, cost me another 1 a month, did not really think about it, just thought it was an annual increase in cost.

It seems by adding boost it adds 'scam protection', and that prevents my router seeing i.imgur.com which has to be noted by the computer to display pictures from imgur.com, so I could not see images on any of my devices as it was provided by a talktalk router. Grrrh! :mad:

Talktalk see i.imgur.com as a dangerous scammer site, so my devices would not access it. Anyway went into my talktalk account and turned off 'scam protection' and can now see all imgur images. Yeh, sorted.

Computers and internet faults can be maddening sometimes :hea:

gidierre 17-01-21 22:00

unproviding providers!

Now you see it...

...and now you don't

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